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Middle Eastern

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Acting, Voiceover

Casting Search for “Antibody”

A new podcast produced by Monkeypaw Productions and Gimlet Media

Directed by Mimi O’Donnell

Written by Mac Rogers and Clay Mcleod Chapman

SAG New Media



Disgraced radio host Rick Egan has finally found his chance at reinventing himself by chronicling the cold-case disappearance of several Muslim teens from Staten Island — a group he himself disparaged —in the wake of 9/11. But Rick soon discovered this is no ordinary hate-crime, as his ill-considered investigations bringhim face-to-face with an ancient American evil that’s ready to offer him a monstrous bargain.


  • Seeking: Khalil Hakim. Character portrayed is 14, male, Pakistani-American. Fraternal twin brother to Noor, he disappeared along with his friends… only to come back completely shell-shocked, haunted by things no one has ever seen before.


Recording will be done remotely from actor’s location

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