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NJ, United States

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Entertainment jobs & Crew

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Staff / Crew

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Please read everything before applying to this position! Please ask questions, if you have questions! We don't care about resumes or work history so you are not required to send one. Although, you or your guardian should have some form of Valid ID so we can verify your guardian's age! If you have a passion for acting, roleplaying, gaming, etc. then we invite you to apply!

Roles (2)


  • Female looking
  • Appearance: Female; Open to short or long hair
  • Role: Little sister figure to Bear. Inseparable and highly dependent on guidance from Bear. Easily flustered, frightened or panicked, so much so she can become "petrified". Can access hard to reach areas but often with little orientation or no spatial awareness. Mouse and Bear are bonded by a common childhood trauma.


  • Male looking
  • Appearance: Strongly preferred to have facial hair and long hair (the more, the better)
  • Role: Bear is a Master Mountain man of many decades. He is seen as a big brother figure to Mouse. Bear is so protective of Mouse it is sometimes at his detriment. Bear relies just as much on Mouse but his demeanor can sometimes make him overconfident or cloud his judgement.

Project Details

Genre: Psychological thriller, horror, suspense film

Atmosphere: Paranormal

Project: Teaser Sequence (Between 1 and 10 minutes)

Project Duration: About a day; weather permitting.

Location: TBD; most likely outdoor or enclosed set but exposed to outdoors.

Compensation: Paid

Hair & Makeup: Provided

Wardrobe: Highly prefer candidate to have easy access to wardrobe, but not required.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Is an advocate for safety and looks out for others. Our crew is a family and without each other we would not be doing what we love in the space that we're in. You speak up to the rest of the crew when something doesn't seem right even if you may not be 100% correct.
  • Has access to hunting gear, hunting backpacks, slings, or firearms, climbing gear, blinds, trapping equipment, etc. (please do not bring firearms or traps unless permitted, much will be used for reference).
  • Can work quickly and safely.
  • Has a good memory and can commit multiple actions to memory with little time to review.
  • Has the ability to perform redundant actions or deliver emotionally charged dialogue lines with confidence and consistency across multiple takes or on differing shoot days.

Additional Details

  • Actor AND Actress role casting
  • Willing to travel to and within New Jersey.
  • Basic athletic ability; able to "fall" safely, stand for long durations, bend at the waist or knee for minutes at a time, crawl on hands and knees, lay, roll or otherwise contort body along awkward, slanted, sloped, or uneven surfaces such as stairs, ground, or other furniture or objects.
  • Sign NDA, Contract Agreement, Liability Waiver
  • ABSOLUTELY NO RECRUITERS OR AGENTS. The role is not that serious.

Safety of crew, actors and other supporting staff are the #1 Priority.

  • When you arrive on set you will be greeted by our security team and you will check in ALL personal belongings. You WILL be screened for weapons or contraband. At any time, you may request private screening and have a witness of your choice present (third-party witnesses will not be compensated for time or travel.) The screening is conducted by our security personnel of the same gender.
  • We will have professionally licensed and certified EMS on standby.
  • Work Smart and Safe!
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