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TV & Video

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Casting Call: Contributor for Nationwide User-Generated Content (UGC) Videos and Photos

Job Description: We are currently seeking individuals across the country to contribute authentic videos and photos showcasing real-life scenarios for various categories. The ideal submissions should capture true emotions and moments ranging from special occasions to everyday routines. This opportunity allows participants to share genuine slices of life without staging or overt preparation.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Capture and submit content relevant to assigned categories, ensuring each submission is candid and reflects natural, unstaged scenarios.
  • Adhere strictly to guidelines about logos and branding: ensure no visible logos on clothing or products unless specified.
  • Provide content that is in good taste and family-friendly, focusing on the emotional and authentic aspects of everyday life.


  • Must own a device capable of capturing high-quality video and photos.
  • Ability to follow detailed submission guidelines.
  • For any content involving children, you must be the legal guardian or parent and ensure no other children are filmed.
  • Ensure all submitted content respects privacy and does not feature individuals without their consent.


  • $500 per selected submission.

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