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Acting, Modeling

Casting Call: Starbucks Cold Coffee Lovers

Job Description: We are currently seeking outgoing and energetic individuals who have a passion for Starbucks cold coffee beverages. This is a unique opportunity for individuals aged 25-45 who enjoy sharing their love for refreshing Frappuccinos, iced lattes, and other cold drinks. Selected participants will be involved in a one-day film shoot where they will discuss their favorite Starbucks cold coffee and share their experiences on camera.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Participate in on-camera interviews discussing your favorite Starbucks cold coffee beverages.
  • Share personal stories and experiences related to enjoying Starbucks cold drinks.
  • Interact with family members (parent/grandparent) on camera, if applicable.
  • Follow directions from the film crew to ensure smooth production.


  • Must be aged 25-45.
  • Should have a genuine love for Starbucks cold coffee beverages such as Frappuccinos and iced lattes.
  • Comfortable being interviewed and filmed on camera.
  • Outgoing and energetic personality.
  • Available for a one-day shoot on specified dates (to be confirmed after selection).
  • Must be close with a parent or grandparent who might also be willing to participate in the filming.

Compensation: Participants will be compensated between $675 and $4,675 for their involvement in the one-day shoot. The exact compensation will depend on the role and time involved.

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