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$3500/Day Tax Benefits Commercial

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Indigenous Peoples

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Milo Casting is paying $2000+ for Indigenous Canadians in Ontario and Quebec to share their stories on receiving Tax Benefits for a Commercial for the CRA!  


You are an Indigenous Canadian (19 yrs of age or older) who has received one of the following Tax Benefits:

Canada child benefit: A parent with their child/children, under the age of 18, who has received the Canada Child Benefit within the last 3yrs. 

Disability tax credit: An adult who has claimed the disability tax credit and is receiving it or has received it within the last 3yrs.

Canada workers benefit: A worker of any age that is not a student and received the Canada workers benefit within the last 3yrs.

GST/HST credit: An adult who has received the GST/HST credit within the last 3yrs.

Free tax clinics: An adult who has received help to do their taxes from a free tax clinic through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program within the last 3yrs.

You would like to share your story on the impact of receiving one of the above Tax benefits. 

We are seeking both English speakers and French speakers for each benefit category listed above!

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Those chosen for this campaign will be paid $2000-$3500+ for a 1 day shoot

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