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Acting, Modeling

Casting Call: Samsung Device or Appliance User for Social Media Films

Job Details: Casting Agency is seeking individuals with engaging personal stories involving Samsung devices or appliances for a series of social media films.

Job Responsibilities: Selected candidates will participate in a 1-hour recorded interview via Zoom on either November 20th or 21st. During the interview, you will share your personal story related to a Samsung device or appliance. Additionally, you will provide any relevant photos and videos to enhance the storytelling process.


  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Must be an authentic individual with a compelling personal story involving a Samsung device or appliance (e.g., TV, phone, laptop, buds, watch, washer/dryer, stove, vacuums, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Open to individuals of all ethnicities, cultures, and genders

Compensation: Selected stories will receive a compensation of €3,500. This fee includes the interview session and the rights to use the photos and videos provided in the final social media content.

Usage: The content will be used for social media and digital platforms.

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