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Acting, Modeling

Casting Call: Paper Towel Campaign

We are excited to announce a casting call for an upcoming paper towel campaign set in a vibrant summer setting. We are looking for diverse individuals who enjoy summer activities such as lounging by the pool, grilling, and relaxing in the sun. This campaign aims to capture the essence of summer joy and the utility of our product in everyday summer activities.

Roles Available:

  1. Parents (Ages 30s-40s): We need a couple or individuals who embody the spirit of summer with a passion for road trips and family time by the pool.

  2. Teen Guys (Ages 12-15): Looking for young teens who love snacks and chilling in the pool on an inner tube. Must be comfortable with water and able to portray leisure in a fun and energetic manner.

  3. Woman - Role of 'Red' (Mid 30s to Late 50s): Seeking a woman with a bold presence, who enjoys lounging by the poolside with a good beach read. Must convey sophistication and relaxation.

  4. Senior Man - Role of 'Mr. Reynolds' (Late 60s to Late 80s): Looking for a senior man who is a perennial sun-seeker. This role requires someone who can be a constant, enjoyable presence by the pool.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the commercial shoot, following the director’s guidance.
  • Engage with other cast members to create a lively, authentic poolside atmosphere.
  • Be available for costume fittings and any preliminary meetings as required by the production team.


  • Must be based in or able to travel to Toronto for the shoot.
  • Available for the entire shoot day and for any preliminary activities such as fittings or rehearsals.
  • Comfortable being filmed in a poolside setting.
  • Non-union.


  • Adults: $3,600 per person
  • Teens: $3,100 per person

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