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Casting Call: Johanna's Mother and Aunt Ellen

Job Description: We are seeking two talented actresses for a Senior Thesis film project by Ithaca College. This project promises to be an exciting and emotionally engaging experience, offering you the opportunity to showcase your acting skills. The film is set to be shot in Ithaca, New York, on October 20th, 21st, and 22nd, 2023. Accommodations will be provided for those coming from outside the Ithaca area.

Log Line: "A young woman who can smell death uses her nose to solve the disappearance of a family member but succumbs to paranoia in the process."

Job Responsibilities:

Johanna's Mother:

  • Portray the character of Johanna's mother, a woman in her 50s.
  • Be the emotional anchor of the family as they grapple with the disappearance of Johanna's niece.
  • Act in 1-2 shooting days, bringing depth and authenticity to the character.
  • Collaborate effectively with the production team and fellow actors.

Aunt Ellen:

  • Portray the character of Aunt Ellen, also a woman in her 50s.
  • Convey the pain and anguish of a mother who lost her only child, Eva, who disappeared a few years ago.
  • Act in 1 shooting day, capturing the complex emotions of the character.
  • Work closely with the director and other cast members to create a compelling performance.


  • Both roles require actresses in their 50s who can portray Caucasian women.
  • Previous acting experience is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Strong commitment to the project and a willingness to collaborate with the director and crew.
  • Ability to emotionally connect with the characters and bring depth to the roles.


  • Payment of $200 for the role.
  • Please note that compensation may vary based on the specific number of shooting days.

This project offers an excellent opportunity to contribute to an intriguing narrative while showcasing your acting skills. If you meet the requirements and are passionate about storytelling, we encourage you to audition for these roles. We look forward to seeing your auditions and working with talented individuals to bring this Senior Thesis film to life.

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