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Are you a seasoned truck driver with a craving for the unexpected and exciting? If so, then we've got an opportunity of a lifetime that is bound to put your skills in the limelight. Pull up a seat, buckle in, and keep reading to learn how you can become the newest piece of the puzzle in a groundbreaking new project.  Key Takeaways: An extraordinary casting call for truck drivers Supplemented income via a unique route The chance to be part of an exhilarating project Suitable for veteran drivers with commercial experience Requires a valid truck driving license  Dive into the Audition Pool and Make Waves Project Casting brings you an unorthodox way of blending your driving career with a dash of novelty and thrill. There's an ongoing casting call for truck drivers to play a pivotal role in an upcoming project; a scenic detour from your everyday driving gig. Job Details: This isn't your typical truck-driving job. The role ventures far beyond the confines of transporting cargo from point A to B. Instead, the selected individuals will immerse themselves in the unique blend of their everyday profession and the buzzing world of entertainment. There's no script for the road you're accustomed to, but in this project, every mile counts. Job Responsibilities: As a part of the project, your regular duties as a truck driver will join forces with occasional on-screen appearances. You'll be steering the wheel throughout, following specific routes as determined by the project. Meanwhile, your ability to react authentically to unpredictable filming scenarios will be paramount. The project requires drivers who can let their realistic driving experiences shine through the project's storytelling. Requirements: All roads to this casting call lead through a set of mandatory requirements. Firstly, applicants must possess a valid commercial driver's license (CDL). Additionally, prior experience in the truck driving industry is crucial. Candidates should also be comfortable appearing on screen and adapting to fluctuating filming circumstances. Lastly, traveling is an integral part of this job role; hence drivers must be willing to drive to various locations as per the project's demand. Compensation: The reward is twofold. Not only will successful candidates receive an acceptable pay rate, but they also gain exposure to a unique work experience. Salary specifics will be unveiled to those who are shortlisted, but rest assured, the compensation structure will align with the industry's standard rates. The bottom line is this: if you're a truck driver ready to infuse your career with a distinct edge, this casting call is your ticket to a thrilling ride. Refresh your routine journeys and map your path into this extraordinary opportunity.  With Project Casting, you don't merely apply for a job – you sign up for an experience. So hurry up, grab the wheel, adjust your mirrors, and let this journey begin. The open road of chance is waiting for you - all you have to do is put the pedal to the metal. Future opportunities like these are always right around the corner with Project Casting, the ultimate meeting point for a passion for the craft and a love for the job. Don't miss this chance to add a new dimension to your truck driving career. Apply now!
Calling all the talented young ones! The festive season is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it than by seizing an exciting opportunity to shine in a Netflix Holiday Movie? Project Casting, your go-to platform for casting calls, auditions, and jobs, is delighted to spotlight this magical chance on our platform. Key Takeaways: Casting Call for a Netflix Holiday Movie Seeking Babies and Children The shooting location is in Atlanta, Georgia Half-day or Full-day shifts available All ethnicities are welcome Submission deadline approaching No acting experience is necessary Let The Festivities Begin – A Netflix Holiday Movie Casting Call Few things uplift the spirit like a warm and fuzzy Holiday Movie, and Netflix is renowned for creating some of the most heartwarming festive films. This year, they are searching for babies and kids ready to showcase their cute charms and talents on the silver screen. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the production promises to be a fabulous and unforgettable experience for your little stars. The Opportunity Of A Lifetime Lights, camera, action! There's no experience necessary for this casting call. So don't fret if this is your little one’s first brush with acting. The producers are more focused on capturing the innocent joy and delightful innocence that children bring, rendering this grand spectacle all the more enchanting.  A Diverse Cast for a Diverse Audience Netflix believes in telling everyone's story. Keeping this inclusive spirit alive, the casting call is open to all ethnicities. Through our platform, we encourage parents to let their children participate in this extraordinary casting call, to demonstrate the power of unity and diversity through this festive narrative. Job Details The casting team is looking for babies and kids aged two months to 12 years. The production will involve either a half-day or a full-day rate, depending on individual scenes. The scheduled shooting location is Atlanta, Georgia, making the job location-specific. The shooting also adheres to all COVID-19 safety protocols, putting your child’s safety at the forefront. Job Responsibilities Your child’s primary responsibility will be to act in various scenes as per the script. They might also be expected to work with other cast members and attend occasional rehearsals.  The Requirement Age is a crucial factor - only children from two months to 12 years old are eligible. No acting experience is necessary, so don’t worry about your child being a beginner. Compensation Successful participants will be given either a half-day or full-day rate. Although the actual payment isn't disclosed, rest assured that it will constitute a fair wage. This is an excellent opportunity for your little one to delve into the acting world and get paid for it. With the deadline fast approaching, don’t miss this exceptional chance to see your starlet light up the Netflix screen. There's no time like the present to make holiday memories that will last a lifetime.  Don’t Dream It, Be It.  While we might like to see snowfall, let’s not let this opportunity fall through the cracks. We believe that every child possesses a unique charm and talent. This casting call could be the springboard that launches your little ones into their shining future. The memories made and the experience gained are sure to become cherished keepsakes. Project Casting is proud to be a part of your child’s journey by providing you the essential information about jobs and auditions. Our platform wishes your little stars all the very best for this Netflix Holiday Movie casting call. May their auditions be merry, and their performances bright! Apply Now!
Unleash your inner alien: Casting call for sensual music video in London, UK. Are you ready to step into the shoes (or rather, extraterrestrial feet) of a cosmic being? An extraordinary opportunity awaits those with a flair for movement and a unique appearance resembling aliens, AI, or robots. A sensational music video shoot is on the horizon, set against the backdrop of the enchanting city of Paris. Dance Beyond the Stars The chosen individuals will be tasked with bringing the concept of otherworldly beings to life through sensual and captivating movement. Collaboration with the director and choreographer will be key, as they work together to execute choreography that embodies the desired aesthetic. This is an opportunity to not only showcase your dance skills but also to delve into the mesmerizing world of the unknown. Embrace the Unearthly While the role promises an extraordinary experience, it's important to note that it may involve scenes of intimacy and semi-nudity. Rest assured, all details will be discussed and agreed upon in advance to ensure a comfortable and respectful environment on set. Who We're Looking For The production team is seeking individuals between the ages of 20 and 35, with a natural resemblance to aliens, AI, or robots. While makeup and costumes will be provided, those who already possess a unique look are especially encouraged to apply. Real couples are a bonus, but solo applicants are more than welcome. Rewards Beyond the Galaxy As a chosen participant, your travel and accommodation expenses will be fully covered for the duration of the shoot in the City of Lights. In addition to this, you will receive compensation for shoot days and an additional bonus for scenes involving intimacy and semi-nudity. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a project that blurs the lines between reality and the unknown. If you're ready to unleash your inner alien and take center stage in a sensual music video set against the backdrop of Paris, don't miss out on this extraordinary casting call. Join Project Casting to access jobs you can apply to right now. How to apply? Check out the casting call breakdown below to audition for a role in the upcoming casting call. Music Video London Casting Call for Alien Looking People Job Details: We are seeking individuals with a unique appearance resembling aliens, AI, or robots, who possess dance or movement experience for an extraordinary sensual music video shoot in the enchanting city of Paris. Job Responsibilities: Bring the concept of otherworldly beings to life through sensual and captivating movement. Collaborate closely with the director and choreographer to execute choreography that embodies the desired aesthetic. Engage in scenes involving intimacy and semi-nudity (to be discussed and agreed upon in advance). Maintain a professional and respectful environment on set. Requirements: Appearance resembling aliens, AI, or robots (makeup and costumes will be provided, but individuals with a natural resemblance are preferred). Demonstrated proficiency in dance or movement. Age range: 20-35 years old. Real couples are a bonus but not mandatory. Comfortable with scenes involving intimacy and semi-nudity. Compensation: Travel and accommodation expenses covered for the duration of the shoot in Paris. Paid shoot days. Additional compensation for scenes involving intimacy and semi-nudity. Interested? Apply Now! You deserve to get discovered. Find more jobs, networking opportunities, and resources on Project Casting.
Exciting opportunity alert: Join the ultimate live stream blind date event in Atlanta, GA. Are you a young, outgoing woman with a vibrant personality ready to embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure? Look no further! An extraordinary casting call is here, and it's your chance to shine on a significant live-streamed blind date event that will captivate audiences from all walks of life. Get ready to showcase your individuality, charm, and charisma in a way you've never imagined. Atlanta, GA, is buzzing with anticipation as an unprecedented live stream casting call kicks off. This might be your golden ticket if you're a female between 18 and 21. The stage is set for a ground-breaking blind date experience, and they're searching for five remarkable young women to take center stage and make history. Imagine stepping into the spotlight and becoming a key player in a live-streamed blind date scenario that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Your role isn't just to participate but to engage, interact, and create authentic connections in real time. With your unique personality and charisma, you'll contribute to an atmosphere that's electric, dynamic, and full of positive vibes. Refrain from letting the idea of acting or prior experience hold you back. This casting call isn't about scripted lines or rehearsed performances. Instead, it's an invitation to be your true self and embrace the excitement of the unknown. All you need is your outgoing nature, the ability to hold captivating conversations, and the confidence to shine in front of the camera. The event is set to take place on Saturday, August 26th, starting at 10 p.m., with an expected duration of 2-3 hours. The exact location in Atlanta, GA, will be disclosed upon selection. And here's the exciting part – if you're chosen to be part of this extraordinary experience, you'll be compensated $150. That's right, you'll be rewarded for being your fabulous self and making the event truly unforgettable. If you're ready to enter the spotlight, take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Dust off your confidence, get prepared to engage in authentic conversations and make memories that will last a lifetime. To apply, simply submit your details and prepare for a journey that could change everything. In the heart of Atlanta, GA, an unparalleled live-stream event is on the horizon. Will you be the one who steals the show, captivates hearts, and creates connections that resonate far beyond the screen? The stage is set, the spotlight is waiting, and the casting call is yours to answer. Embrace the excitement, let your personality shine, and prepare to make history on August 26th! Join Project Casting to access jobs you can apply to right now. How to apply? Check out the casting call breakdown below to audition for a role in the upcoming casting call. Major Live Stream Casting Call for a Blind Date Scene Job Details: We are excited to announce a casting call for a groundbreaking livestream event in Atlanta, GA. We are seeking five enthusiastic and outgoing female models to participate in a unique blind date experience that will be broadcast to a broad audience. This is an incredible opportunity to showcase your personality, charm, and charisma in a fun and engaging setting. Job Responsibilities: Participate in a blind date scenario as one of the main participants. Engage in conversations, activities, and interactions with your blind date naturally and authentically. Showcase your individuality and bring your vibrant personality to the live-stream event. Adhere to any event guidelines and directions provided by the production team. Contribute to a positive and dynamic atmosphere during the event. Requirements: Female individuals of all ethnicities are encouraged to apply. Age range: 18-21 (please bring a valid ID for age verification). Outgoing, confident, and comfortable in front of the camera. Strong communication skills and the ability to hold engaging conversations. No prior acting experience is required; just be yourself and have a great time! Must be available on Saturday, August 26th, with a call time starting at 10 p.m. for 2-3 hours. Location: Atlanta, GA (exact venue details will be provided upon selection). Compensation: Selected models will be compensated $150 for participating in the live-stream event. This includes the time spent during the event and any necessary preparations. Interested? Apply Now! You deserve to get discovered. Find more jobs, networking opportunities, and resources on Project Casting. More Project Casting Casting Calls & Auditions: $753/Day Mental Health PSA Los Angeles Casting Call Join the movement: Casting call for mental health awareness PSA in Los Angeles, CA. Are you ready to use your talent for a meaningful cause? An opportunity to b... VEDO R&B Music Video Atlanta Open Casting Call Join the allure: Open casting call for R&B sensation's latest music video in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta, known for its vibrant music scene, is about to witness th... Sprayground NYFW Model Call Unleash your inner runway star: Be a part of Sprayground's NYFW model call in New York City. Calling all fashion enthusiasts, trendsetters, and those with a pas...