Zach Braff Shares Audition Advice He Learned from Florence Pugh: “Have that stuff memorized”

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LOS ANGELES - JAN 12: Florence Pugh arrives for the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards on January 12, 2020 in Santa Monica, CA (DFREE / Shutterstock)

Zach Braff Offers Valuable Audition Advice Inspired by Florence Pugh.

In acting, transitioning into behind-the-camera roles often grants individuals insights into the audition and casting process that were previously unknown when they were in front of the camera. Zach Braff, renowned for his role in Scrubs, shared his auditioning wisdom on a recent podcast episode, Fake Doctors, Real Friends, with Zach and Donald. Drawing from his experiences as an actor and director and lessons learned from his former partner, Academy Award-nominated actress Florence Pugh, Braff revealed crucial advice for aspiring actors.

Braff's first tip may appear obvious, yet he observed that some actors are unaware of its significance—know your material. Braff emphasizes the importance of memorizing your lines during auditions as someone who now primarily assumes the role of a director. He bluntly states, "Listen, you actors, if you're attempting to audition without having your material memorized and find yourself constantly glancing down at the page, your chances of success are slim to none." Braff credits Florence Pugh for imparting this wisdom, acknowledging her superior acting abilities. Pugh once remarked, "I cannot be fully present if I know I have that crutch there, allowing me to look down. I must immerse myself fully in the scene to deliver a compelling performance."

However, Braff cautions that numerous other factors influence casting decisions even if an actor delivers a flawless audition. He explains, "You could walk into the room and be the most outstanding actor for the role, but you might resemble someone else too closely. Alternatively, you may be deemed too old or young for the character. Perhaps we've just cast the father, and you do not resemble him. There are countless variables at play. All you can do is give it your all, go in there, and leave an indelible impression."

By drawing upon his own industry experience and the wisdom of Florence Pugh, Zach Braff offers invaluable audition advice. Memorizing lines and immersing oneself in the scene is crucial for aspiring actors. Braff emphasizes that casting decisions are influenced by many factors beyond an actor's control. The key lies in giving your best effort and making a lasting impact.

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