Young Aspiring Actors Faked Being Death for a Movie Role

Aspiring young actors faked being deaf to audition for a feature film.

Several months ago, we posted a casting call for the lead role in the new movie WonderStruck. The nationwide search was looking for hearing-impaired young actors to star in the movie.

However, according to reports, producers received 100 or so tapes from girls, some of whom were not actually hearing-impaired - shocking the director.

The Hollywood Reporter reports the movie Wonderstruck received a standing ovation during the Cannes competition film festival. But, during pre-production and casting, the movie’s director Haynes was searching through tapes and found over 100 girls auditioning for the role of an hearing-impaired character, even though they were not deaf.

"We even got a few girls who later admitted that they weren't deaf. It was pretty intense. It was a little bit of a shock."

The movie centers around Julianne Moore, who plays a silent film star that young hearing-impaired child is obsessed with.