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‘Westworld’ Cast Shares Amazing Acting Tips (VIDEO)


HBO's Westworld  share tips for aspiring and working actors.

The American sci-fi western TV series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy has become a pop-cultural phenomenon. In November 2016, the show was renewed for a second season and had the most-watched first season of any HBO original series beating True Detective, which the record in 2014.

The series, which is set sometime in the future, is set in Westword, one of six theme parks owned and operated by Delos Inc. The park allows guests to experience the Old West in an environment populated by “hosts”, robots programmed to fulfill the guest's every desire.

Jeffrey Wright Tips:

, who plays Bernard Lowe, head of the Westworld Programming Division, and programmer of artificial people's software, also sat down with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation to discuss his approach to the show and acting methodologies.

Thandie Newton :

Thandie Newton plays Maeve Millay, a host, who acts as the madam of Sweetwater, but her unreconciled memories of a former role led to her becoming self-aware. She shares antics, her approach to acting, and how she gets into character for one of the most shows on television.

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