[WATCH] Do Actors Really Need a Talent Agent to Become an Actor?

Do actors really need a talent agent in order to become an actor?

You always hear that common saying that you won't make it until you land an agent? With hit TV shows such as HBO's Entourage whereby the leading character's agent, Ari Gold, travels through Los Angeles negotiating major deals for his A-list client, it is easy to believe the idea that you will never make it in the film industry without an agent. But, it begs the question, do you really need a talent agent in order to become successful as an actor? Entourage HBO Entourage HBO Well, Arvold Casting, the casting director behind AMC's TURN: Washington's Spies recently sat down and answered that question, do actors really need an agent? Ultimately, you do not need an agent to become an actor. However, landing an agent can increase the number of acting opportunities. While, self submissions are a great way to get yourself started in the film industry, landing an agent can ultimately increase the number of productions you can apply for and help grow your acting career. If you have anything you’d like answered, please send Arvold Casting an email at [email protected].

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