'Warcraft' Actors Share Amazing Acting Tips

Warcraft actors share acting tips and how to work as a motion capture actor.

Warcraft is one of the biggest movies in the world. The movie has played in sold out movie theaters across the world and earned well over a hundred million dollars in one weekend.

So, what is it like to work on a Warcraft movie as an actor?

Actor Toby Kebbell is one of the main stars of Warcraft and while you won't actually see him on screen, Kebbell is portraying Durotan, a gigantic orc. An interview with Kebbell in The Daily Beast labels him “The Best Actor You May Never Recognize” because he consistently plays roles for motion capture feature films. Kebbell says working on motion capture movies has allowed him to remain in the public eye without being bombarded by fans. He points out, “I’ve never been recognized—which is a blessing. I get to play role after role. I’m very happy and I would love to continue that.” And casting directors seem to love Kebbell as this is the third movie with Legendary Entertainment. “It’s actually really flattering, because they tend to consider they’ve chosen the best actor to do the CG role. They need someone they can rely on to keep giving them something. And it’s not very humble of me to say that perhaps they chose the best actor, but it’s flattering to think that you’re doing this to motor someone else’s artwork. You’re not really doing it for the glory. It’s more for the duty of performance.” Though Kebbell is a favorite for motion capture roles, he still sees himself an amateur actor. He says, “The craft I’m trying to learn is apprentice to journeyman of motion capture. I’m in the journeyman phase. It’s an incredible craft—and it is a craft. I consider acting a craft. I’ve got to pay my shillings and present a masterpiece in order to get into the guild, but I’m just trying to learn what this craft is.” Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.