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‘The Revenant’: Iñarritu, DiCaprio Share Amazing Acting Advice


Alejandro Iñarritu and Leonardo DiCaprio shares amazing acting advice and details about The Revenant.

Have you ever wondered what happened behind the scenes of Have you ever wondered how prepared for the movie role? Well in an amazing with Leonardo DiCaprio and with the about The Revenant. 

Alejandro Iñarritu discusses how Leonardo DiCaprio had to use action instead of words to express emotions, “who the guy is” and filmmaking in general.

DiCaprio reveals his biggest challenges while the movie. He explains that his actions “propelled the character” and how to push the movie's storyline without using any words. And that was the biggest challenge for the .


Most importantly, DiCaprio says that the ability to move a character without using any words is one of the biggest challenges and issues but, also one of the most rewarding parts of the movie.

DiCaprio also touches on what it was like working with Alejandro Iñarritu and it took a lot of trust. Iñarritu focuses a lot on rehearsals. Iñarritu had the actors and practices for hours and hours and then for an hour and a half shoot the for the day.

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