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“Inside Out 2” Shines New Light on Emotion of Anxiety

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Key Takeaways:

2 creators initially portrayed Anxiety as an antagonistic character.
– Expert consultation lead to a shift in the narrative, embracing the complexity of the emotion.
Kelsey Mann discussed the 's new approach to emotions with Collider.
– The portrayal of Anxiety reflects a deep understanding of the emotion's essential protective function.
– Inside Out 2 has made a significant impact at the box office, with a $155 million domestic opening.

Inside Out 2, the long-awaited to the mega-hit Inside Out, has been a massive success with both critics and audiences since its release. Building on the original's creative narrative, the movie explores a host of new emotions that teenage protagonist, Riley, faces as she navigates high school.

Inside Out 2's Unique Take on Emotion

In Inside Out 2, we glimpse the journey of Riley's fascinating emotional where feelings like Envy, Anxiety, Ennui, and Embarrassment take center stage. However, the portrayal of each emotion wasn't always as we see them now. According to director Kelsey Mann, Anxiety was initially intended to be a negative force in Riley's mind.

In a recent conversation with Collider, Mann shared that the original design of the story presented Anxiety significantly in a bad light, almost as an antagonist. The filmmakers thought that due to its potential adverse effects on individuals, it would portray a worthy opponent.

Rethinking Anxiety's Portrayal

Although the initial draft positioned Anxiety as a villain, the team later backed off from this approach. Mann commented they the portrayal not fun to watch, leading to an introspection about how to approach the character. Consequently, they decided to tap into expert consultations and conduct comprehensive research to better shape the narrative.

These expert consultations and research were game-changers. They allowed the team to truly understand and encapsulate the complexities of anxiety, leading to a more nuanced and hopefully more relatable depiction. This new approach not only enhanced character development but also avoided the possible controversy of illustrating such an emotion in a negative light.

The Positive Side of Anxiety

Anxiety, rather than antagonizing, actually aims to protect us, shared Mann. In collaboration with experts, including psychologist Lisa Damour, the team discovered the emotion's basic function. Anxiety, as Mann puts it brilliantly, is rooted in Riley's love and serves as a defense mechanism to keep her safe.

Through the process of creating Inside Out 2, the creators enjoyed their own emotional journey, learning about emotions. Mann noted that all emotions fulfill critical roles in keeping us safe and loved, emphasizing how we should appreciate and manage them effectively.

The Success of Inside Out 2

Already touted as one of the best releases of the year, Inside Out 2 continues to dominate the box office. It has overshadowed other major releases, with a whopping $155 million domestic opening. Globally, the movie has attracted an impressive $295 million, signifying its widespread acceptance and popularity.

The most important message Inside Out 2 conveys is that every emotion, even those we often deem negative ones like Anxiety, has its place and purpose. It brings attention to the complexity of understanding our emotions, giving audiences a fresh perspective on navigating their emotional life.

Stay tuned for an in-depth discussion with the director and about their experience creating Inside Out 2. Check out these testimonials from psychologists about the film's accurate portrayal of the function of emotions as well as from the fans themselves! Head to your nearest theater to watch Inside Out 2 and witness a vibrant portrayal of our emotional worlds.



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