'Suicide Squad' Director Had the Cast "Fight Each Other"

Suicide Squad cast had to fight each other during rehearsals.

David Ayer pushed his actors to the limit for his new movie Suicide Squad. When he was preparing the cast for the upcoming feature film Ayer wanted to see just how tough his cast really was by creating a fight club. He tells Yahoo!, “The rehearsal was very intense. It wasn’t a normal rehearsal, we’d talk about their lives, their history, and really got them to open up as people to each other. I also had them fight. I had them fight each other. You learn a lot about who a person really is when you punch them in the face. It gets rid of a lot of the actor stuff.” Now, that's a pretty intense movie rehearsal. But, it shouldn't be that surprising considering the disgusting gifts Jared Leto sent the cast and Cara Delevigne's weird audition. In fact, when Delevigne auditioned Ayer to prepare for the role of Enchantress in a less traditional way. “David asked me to go and try and find a forest and, if it was a full moon, get naked and walk through the woods with my feet in the mud, which I did,” the model turned actress star recalled. “There wasn’t a full moon, but I howled like a wolf.” Suicide Squad sounds incredibly intense. Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.