STUDY: 75 Percent of Couples Say Binge-Watching Helped Their Relationship

Couples that watch TV together report a stronger relationship.

The couple that binge-watches together, stays together. According to a new study, which was first reported by TheWrap, shows how watching TV can have a serious impact on your relationship. Propeller Insights and Xfinity surveyed 1,935 adults 25-49 about their interactions over television and found the following stats (From TheWrap):
  • 66% of couples say watching TV together has strengthened their relationship; for millennial couples, it’s almost 75%
  • 55% of parents have put their kids to bed earlier or later so they could watch their favorite TV show together
  • Almost 30% of couples have canceled a social engagement to watch their favorite TV show
  • 50% of couples admit to “TV Cheating”, or watching without their partner
  • About 30% of single millennials have chosen not to date someone based off of their TV viewing preferences
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