'Stranger Things' Actress Reveals What It Was Like to Audition

Stranger Things 2 is arguably the most viral TV series of 2017. Since the show’s first season arrived on Netflix in 2016, fans have been wondering what will happen next in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana.

One character who is struggling to find her place in this world is Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). Not knowing where she came from, she is now living in secrecy with Sheriff Hopper, but she has very distinct memories of her time at the Hawkins lab with another girl; Eight. Pushing her limits, Eleven takes herself on a journey to track down her “sister.”

Eight, also known as Kali, is played by Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen. Berthelsen landed the role last year and was forced to keep it a complete secret.

“I came to really love that it was a secret. I thought it was so interesting. I knew it would be better for the show as a secret. A year ago, it was a little difficult to not be able to reveal to people what I was doing. But I came to really like it once we started shooting.”

When she landed the part, Berthelsen had not yet seen Stranger Things, but she went on to binge the series. While watching the show, she searched for clues about her character, since not too much was revealed by the show’s producers, but since her role is a significant point in the standalone season 2 episode, there was not much to find out.

“I got these scenes that were so different from the first season. They had nothing to do with the plot from season one. While I was trying to find out what I was going to be involved in, I was really just excited about the rest of the characters. But I was searching for clues about my part.”

“[My audition material> was only a breakdown and three scenes. It didn’t have any of the characters’ names on it. It only had four lines about her: “She’s emotionally damaged, she has a hard time connecting with other people, she suffered a great loss as a child, and she’s been seeking revenge ever since.” That’s all I knew. I had to create the character based on this breakdown.”

Stranger Things showrunners, The Duffer Brothers, decided a man or woman could play the role of Eight, and Berthelsen landed the role. She says she trusted their decision to find the right person to bring the script to life.

“When we started shooting, I felt I really needed to trust their decision. I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I just needed to realize this is what they wanted, and this was how it was going to be. Any part you audition for, you’re finding a person and an actor who can respond to the material and bring something different or extraordinary to the text. Sometimes when actors don’t get the part, it’s not always about an actor being a bad actor; it’s about connecting to the material. I really loved this character, and I really connected with it, and I had a very strong vision for it. Hopefully, that’s what they really liked about it.”

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