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Short Film Festival Offers $1 Million Reward


Are you an aspiring with an amazing short film idea but not enough cash to fund your ? Well Short Shorts and Asia and Avex Digital Inc. has joined forces to bring a brand new huge opportunity to short filmmakers.

If you have a “thrilling, exciting, moving” short film idea, then you can be in a position to produce your project with $800,000 in funding. In fact, all you need to do is send a 250 word plot synopsis of your short film idea and how you would use the grant to produce your project.

The Short Shorts Short Film Pitch  is a great way to boost your filmmaking and it's FREE.

About the Short Shorts International Short Film Pitch Contest:

  • Submit a 250 word synopsis (written in English or ) of your short film idea along with a logline, photo references, your bio and past work by February 29th.
  • Five finalists are chosen in 2016 and each awarded $4,000. If you make it to this round, you then submit your screenplay, proposed cast, locations and budget.
  • One finalist chosen out of the five will receive an additional $8,000 and $800,000 to make their film.
  • The final product of the winner will be screened at the 2017 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, an annual event devoted to short in Tokyo.

Rieko Muramoto, executive director for digital business at the Japanese entertainment company Avex Digital, who is providing the contest funds, argues that it is a worthy investment for finding fresh and new talent to generate content for the Internet.

“The short film holds a lot of potential for busy people who are watching video on smartphones, which means a complete story must be told much more quickly,” Muramoto said.

“Movies aren't about length,” said Tetsuya Bessho, an who founded the festival in 1999, likening the best short films to the minimalist but fine-tuned concentration of haiku poetry.

Will you submit for this short film festival? Share with us your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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