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Modeling Categories: The Different Types of Modeling Jobs

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Modeling Categories you should know.

What You Need to Know About These Different Modeling Categories

There are 16 different categories that you can choose to model for. Many models on just one type, but some try to branch out and do as many as possible.

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You've got your commercial print models, who at large retail chains and clothing stores. You also have your runway models, who strut their stuff at Fashion Weeks worldwide. And, of course, you have your celebrity models featured on and in and magazines.

But those aren't the only modeling categories out there. There are also advertising print, catalog, commercial print/rotational, glamour/swimwear, hosiery/sportswear/denim, life models, Petites, promotional/trade show, runway/fitness, under five feet tall, and seniors.

So what category should you model in? Start by finding out which one you like the best. Do you like doing print ads for major companies or walking down the catwalk at Fashion Week? Maybe you'd prefer to work with a photographer doing a promotional, trade show, or catalog-style modeling.

Once you've chosen the category that piques your interest, then it's time to start searching for a reputable agency to represent you. Make sure their roster matches your selected type and that they have a reasonable success rate placing models in those jobs. Finally, don't forget to have fun!

Stock Photography Modeling

Stock photography is an excellent way to make money as a model, especially new to the industry. To get started, you'll need to build up your portfolio, which will require several different types of pictures. For example, you may want photos that feature your face, bare shoulders down, with facial expressions that show energy and emotion. You should also have pictures that include your whole body, as well as images of you from the neck down. You may also want to take photos of you wearing and other clothes like lingerie, swimsuits, etc.

There are several options available as far as where to find photographers for stock photography jobs. We suggest creating an account with Project Casting. com. We have many listings for paid modeling jobs in the modeling photography category. Some of these are photo shoots you can do on your own, for which you will be shot from various angles and in different poses. If you do not have much experience yet as a model, this is a great way to build up your portfolio quickly.

Plus-Size Modeling

Working as a plus-size model, or a size 14 and up, can be very rewarding. In this job, you will get to travel to different locations worldwide for photoshoots, fashion shows, etc. Plus, size modeling can also allow you to meet fascinating people and work with brands that typically hire only models who fit a specific size.

On the other hand, there are a lot of challenges that come with working in plus-size modeling. You have to be prepared to work for free a lot of the time while you build up your portfolio because potential clients will not pay you unless they like your look on camera.

Commercial Print Modeling

As a commercial print model, your job is to work with clients who want to advertise their products in magazines, catalogs, etc. You will be modeling clothing for catalogs, clothing on store mannequins, working on advertisements for certain brands of products, etc.

You are not just limited to print ads, though. You can also work as a commercial print model for promotional events. For example, beverage companies may hire you to promote their drinks at nightclubs and bars during happy hour or other pre-arranged events.

Sometimes, a commercial print modeling job may require that you travel to another city or country. For example, a company may be interested in hiring models from outside of their normal area for a fashion show to advertise their brand and new products.

International Modeling Opportunities

As an international model, your responsibilities may include trying out for certain fashion shows and sponsorship opportunities. This is a very competitive category of modeling, so you have to be prepared to work hard to succeed.

You may also need to work with an agent specializing in international modeling. It can be advantageous because you will always have someone to help guide you through the process–and taking care of business matters like booking flights, hotel rooms, and other arrangements is your agent's responsibility.

The jobs available for international models vary depending on where you are from. For example, if you are from the but in Peru for work reasons, your agent may help you find jobs that will benefit both parties. However, if you live in the US but want to travel to for modeling opportunities, you should also have an agent who has contacts locally.

Lingerie + Swimwear Modeling

As a model, you will often find that some of your work involves swimwear and lingerie modeling. You should also consider this option if you want to work as a commercial print model and feel like you cannot fit into sample sizes because these jobs typically require that models be smaller than a size 4.

It would be best if you were prepared to work primarily in front of the camera because your primary responsibility is to look good on film or in photos. You will typically be required to try on different kinds of swimwear and lingerie, walk up and down the runway at fashion shows, etc.

Fashion Modeling

As a fashion model, you will have a pretty diverse job description. In addition to working with clients for commercial print modeling, you may also have to try on clothing before it sells at a department store.

You may need to walk in catwalks or pose for photos during fashion shows. You can even get involved with runway show reviews and photoshoots with celebrities if you are lucky! also need to be prepared to travel sometimes because their jobs will require them to go from city to city for different events.

Freelance Modeling

As a freelance model, you may find that modeling gigs are a little more sporadic than other types of modeling opportunities. However, this category is also the most unique and creative alternative because your main responsibility is to create your client list through networking and referrals.

You can also advertise yourself on freelance websites or even work with an agency specializing in this modeling category! You will have the opportunity to gain experience working with different clients, so you may not always get paid for specific jobs depending on what your job entails.

Runway Modeling

As a runway model, your responsibilities will be very similar to a fashion model–except for the fact that you will have a little more creative input. You may also need to work with an agent or agency specializing in runway modeling because the jobs available are very competitive. You have to take care of business matters like bookings, etc.

Child Modeling

As a child model, you can work with clients from commercial print modeling and try out for some runway opportunities. You will have the chance to create your client list if you choose to pursue work as a freelance model but may also need to connect with an agent or agency if you want more professional representation.


As a model of any kind, you will face your fair share of challenges. Whether you are new to modeling or have been doing it for years, make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into before booking any jobs.

It is important to take care of business matters like bookings and bookkeeping because they can be the difference between a successful career that will last for years or a failed attempt at modeling!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope that it helped introduce you to some different types of modeling jobs available. If you are interested in learning more about how you can join the industry, please signup with Project Casting.

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