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Liam Neeson’s Gun-Wielding Roles Lead to Fortunes

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DUBLIN, IRELAND - 12 JANUARY 2018: Actor Liam Neeson attends the Irish premiere of his film, The Commuter, at Cineworld. He greeted the media & spoke to journalists before introducing the film. - Image ( G Holland / Shutterstock.com)

Key Takeaways:

is known for his incredible range in film , particularly his action-packed repertoire.
– Neeson has made significant earnings from the franchise.
– The is set to star in the upcoming of The , which presents a new challenge.

Legendary actor Liam Neeson's on-screen persona often embodies an irresistible blend of strength and mystery. Known for his knack for choosing roles that accentuate his acting prowess, Neeson has managed to capitalize on his unique niche in the film industry.

The Makings of a Hollywood Badass

From his captivating role in Schindler's List to his robust portrayal of Henri Ducard in Batman Begins, Neeson has consistently demonstrated an ability to handle demanding roles. Over the years, he has strategically chosen projects across genres that further showcase his versatility and charisma. One such project is the Taken series, which launched him into Hollywood's big league.

Gaining fame in this franchise as the demanding and tough-as-nails character Bryan Mills, Neeson's on-screen presence was amplified with a gun in his hand. This cowboy perfectly matched his persona and catapulted his reputation to a whole new level.

Neeson in the Taken Series: A Perfect Blend of Skill and Cash

Having wielded various weapons across his movie roles, including dazzling lightsabers in Star Wars and honed swords in The Dark Knight series, Neeson truly shone when he brandished a gun in the action-packed Taken series. His riveting portrayal of an ex-CIA operative recovering his kidnapped daughter didn't just earn him applause but also a hefty paycheck.

Robert Mark Kamen, the screenplay writer, revealed in an interview with Uproxx that Neeson has made a fortune from the Taken series. His roles in Taken 1, 2, and 3 earned him a collective $40 million, contributing significantly to the franchise's colossal worldwide total of $929,451,015.

Naked Gun Reboot: A Fun Challenge Ahead

Though globally recognized for his resilient roles, Neeson is no stranger to diverse entertainment genres such as comedy and romance. The ever-evolving actor is up for a new challenge as he prepares for his role as Lt. Frank Drebin Jr. in the upcoming reboot of The Naked Gun — a part initially played by the late Leslie .

Neeson expressed some nervousness in his recent interview with MovieWeb. He discussed the challenges of maintaining a balance between seriousness and humor in a film. Despite Nielsen's acclaimed prowess in comedy, expectations are high from Neeson as he readies to inject fresh energy into the reboot.


Liam Neeson has established an enviable career in Hollywood's demanding landscape, using his “very particular set of skills” to make dramatic waves at the box office. With the upcoming Naked Gun project, the actor showcases his adaptability while promising an entertaining experience for the audience. As Neeson continues to explore diverse roles and genres, his passionate fans eagerly await each new release. The Taken franchise can be streamed on Apple TV+.



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