Have a Movie Idea? Pinewood Atlanta Studios Wants to Give You $10,000

Pinewood Atlanta Studios launches a new program to support aspiring Georgia filmmakers

Kickstarter announced their new Patrons program, which allows for filmmakers to receive money from notable organizations and receive additional production resources.

One of the significant organizations partnering with the Kickstarter program includes the Pinewood Atlanta Studios, the major studio where Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Spider-Man: Homecoming have all filmed.

Pinewood Atlanta Studios is looking to pledge to films whose teams consist of at least one female filmmaker who currently lives in the state of Georgia. The studio is looking for movies "with originality of premise, clarity of narrative, and personal vision," and in addition to cash support, will be offering mentorship and networking opportunities, as well as access to the "Pinewood Atlanta Studios ecosystem of vendors." The studio is launching with $10,000 in funding.

Pinewood Atlanta Studios is a branch of the world-famous film studios, Pinewood, Shepperton and Pinewood Studios Wales, where hundreds of classic films have been made. Pinewood has been expanding recently with studios in Canada, Malaysia, and the Dominican Republic. In fact, the success of Georgia’s film industry is partly credited to Pinewood Atlanta Studios fantastic infrastructure, connections, and facilities.

According to Kickstarter's announcement, "While the [Patron> program is simple, the opportunity to help independent creators hit their funding goals while building relationships with major institutions that can continue to follow and support their career is profound." 

To apply click here.

About Pinewood Atlanta Studios:

Pinewood Atlanta Studios is the go-to purpose-built, full-service film and entertainment site for content creators looking for world-class studio facilities, experienced technicians, locations, and incentives. Set across 700 acres, Pinewood Atlanta Studios has expanded to more than 1 million square feet under roof, with 18 sound stages and an extensive 400-acre backlot.

With a global reach, Pinewood provides a vast arrange of production services and access to a wealth of globally respected creative and technical talent, making Pinewood the ideal production partner for the creative community.

Pinewood….a world of possibilities.

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