How to Network in Hollywood: Tips for Connecting in the Film Industry

How to network in hollywood

Here is a guide on how to network in Hollywood. 

Here is a guide on how to network in Hollywood

Why Networking in Hollywood is important

Some people are not aware of the importance of networking. Why is networking so important? The film industry is a network of people, and the opportunity is knowing and socializing with other people. From the screenwriter to the production assistant to the background actor, people work together to make a production happen.  You can have all of the capabilities in the world. You can work 80 hours a week, and you can be the next celebrity A-lister. But, unless you get an opportunity, all of your hard work is wasted.
Effective networking is planting seeds with many people so that when you need assistance, you do not have to depend on a chance to make it happen.

How to find opportunities?

Most people do not understand how to find opportunities to network and socialize. Some believe these opportunities are random, and most people will get discovered. Other people go to networking events, keep a collection of business cards, make phone calls, and send out pitches. These people are not effective at networking. The biggest celebrities and influencers in Hollywood grow and build opportunities. Effective networking is planting seeds with many people so that when you need assistance, you do not have to depend on a chance to make it happen.

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Networking Tips

Become more outgoing

It is not possible to network from the comforts of your own home. As tempting as it may be to stream the latest TV series, it is essential to go out there and network with as many people as possible. Do not pass up on the chance to play basketball at your local gym or a party over the weekend; these are all chances to make new friends, build relationships, and connect with others. 

Live in a major city.

Major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Vancouver, have thriving entertainment industries. Attend movie screenings, festivals, and parties. An aspiring filmmaker can make great connections by attending meet-and-greets and striking up a conversation with another working filmmaker. The same applies to actors; attend a free acting workshop or showcase, where you can network and connect with other like-minded individuals. 

Maintain Connections

While it is great to give someone your business card, it is not enough for someone to care about you. Get a business card from everyone you meet and follow-up. It is a great way to continue to build a relationship and grow a relationship. If the person does not have a business card, add their contact information to your phone with their name, the location you guys met, and something personal about them. You will reference these things when you follow-up in the next coming weeks.  Maintaining contact may feel uncomfortable or different, but it is crucial to keep a connection alive. 

Social Networking

In these times of COVID-19, it is impossible to connect and socialize with people in the same way. It is why Project Casting offers a fantastic resource for people to connect with like-minded people, influencers, and others in the entertainment industry. While other platforms give people the ability to search for someone, we believe that it's far better to potentially connect with someone you already do not know. Sign-up today and get started networking!  More Project Casting Entertainment Resources:

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