How to Return to Dance After an Injury

Dance Auditions

Dance Auditions

Injuries can be a significant setback for dancers, mainly if they rely on dance to make an income. But it may feel intimidating, keep hope - getting back into work after an injury is achievable! Here are some tips to help you regain your groove and confidently return to the studio. From best practices in stretching and conditioning during recovery to psychological strategies that support the journey of rehabilitation from injury, this blog will take you through all the steps necessary for safe and successful re-entry into dance work.

Acknowledge your injury and how it affects your physical ability.

Acknowledging the physical impact of an injury on a dancer's body and how it influences their capabilities is necessary when resuming their dance work. The first thing to do is to consult a medical professional and determine the extent of the injury and any limitations it may have caused. After this evaluation, the dancer needs to modify their practice accordingly, mindful of respecting the body's new capability. Learning alternative techniques or adjusting choreography that reduce strain are valid approaches to ensure progress can be made safely, even with an injury.

Consult with a doctor or physical therapist to ensure you are ready to return to dance work.

Consulting with a doctor or physical therapist can prepare you mentally and physically for dance after an injury. They will be able to assess your strength and flexibility and devise an appropriate recovery plan for you. They may also provide advice that could prevent you from worsening your injury. Consulting with a doctor or physical therapist before returning to dance is essential to ensure safe progression towards your goals.

Start slowly and move at your own pace - don't rush into it.

When it comes to getting back into dance after an injury, it's essential to take your journey gradually and at your own pace. Pushing yourself too hard with rigorous workout routines and complex combinations too soon can lead to more injuries. It's better to ease back into dancing by starting slow and carefully. Start with simple, stretch-based warm-ups incorporating gentle floor barre, yoga postures, or stretching exercises. From there, slowly build up the intensity of your work until you can eventually get back into full practice of all the dances you love. Listen to your body and do what feels good now - always trust yourself in this circumstance!

Warm up before any practice and use stretch bands to help you flexibly.

When returning to dance after an injury, warming the body properly before beginning any practice is essential. Taking a few moments to incorporate light cardio and dynamic stretching exercises in your routine can help prevent re-injury. Additionally, utilizing stretch bands while warming up can help regain lost flexibility. By slowly stretching out through the range of motion that you are capable of and applying moderate tension on the band, then releasing, you can increase your range of motion over time without straining the muscles. Considering these daily warm-up tips will help set you up for success with progressing your levels of training safely.

Focus on the basics - start with simple movements, like pliés and tendus.

After an injury, getting back into your favorite dance work may feel overwhelming. Regaining your strength and technique may seem too big of a hill to climb. That's why it is essential to start at the beginning, with the basics. Focusing on classic movements, like pliés and tendus, is a great way to get your body used to dancing again without overstretching any strained muscles or joints. As you become more comfortable in them, focus on correctly aligning the torso and finding balance. It is also helpful to move in slow motion first so you can be conscious of how each limb moves through the space. Through these foundational exercises and deliberate movement frames, dancing will slowly begin returning as part of your daily routine.

Listen to your body - if something hurts, take a break or stop altogether.

When attempting to return to a beloved dance practice or sport after an injury, taking each step with precaution is imperative. To ensure you are healing safely and carefully, listen closely to your body as you progress through your return. Even though you're more eager than ever to jump back into your old routine, if something begins to hurt, take a break or stop altogether until you can discuss overcoming that pain with your healthcare provider. Doing so allows you to make a safe and healthy recovery while also helping avoid re-injury or further complications.


Overall, getting back into dance work after an injury can be difficult, and it is essential to remember that everyone heals differently. Acknowledge your body's progress and revisit your daily routine as you go along. Listen to what your body tells you and think positively about yourself; even if the recovery process seems daunting, remain focused on your goals. Don't rush or push yourself too hard. Take time to warm up and stretch before doing any practice. Start with some basics, like pliés and tendus, which will help you get back in shape easier. Make sure to consult with a medical professional so that they can provide more tips on how to keep safe when returning to dance work. With patience, dedication, and proper precautions, you can get back into dancing soon!

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