How to find out about shows before they are widely advertised?

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Regarding staying ahead of the game in show business, knowing about upcoming shows before they are widely advertised offers an opportunity for actors, influencers, models, and filmmakers to get a head start in their careers. Whether you’re looking for fresh material or networking opportunities that allow you to connect with potential employers and collaborators, having access to the latest industry events can be invaluable. So how do you learn about those shows before they become broadly known? In this blog post, we will discuss ways that professionals in these industries can discover what is happening long before the general public catches the wind to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

Research online forums and social media groups.

By joining and searching online forums and social media groups, it is possible to uncover the latest information regarding upcoming shows before they reach the spotlight. These digital communities are a great way to stay ahead of the game by tapping into detailed conversations with members who may have insider knowledge or access to tickets before anyone else. Researching options such as leading music message boards, online fan sites, and niche community platforms can provide unique insights about new concerts, gigs, and theatrical events that have yet to be widely advertised.

Ask people in the industry for recommendations.

Networking with people in the entertainment industry is a great way to learn about upcoming shows before they become widely advertised. Keeping up with colleagues, mentors, and other contacts can help you stay informed on what's happening in the performance world. Ask around and keep your ears open for any exciting events being discussed in the community. Taking the initiative and showing interest could help you get exposed to unique opportunities that might only be available to some. If you need to get existing contacts within the industry, research online or contact professionals who specialize in this kind of work. You can find networks or online communities where people in the field can post information about upcoming shows and audition opportunities.

Check out websites for artists and venues.

If you want to stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to finding out about upcoming shows, artist and venue websites are a great resource to have in your arsenal. By subscribing to newsletters, shopping for merch, or regularly checking the sites for updates, you can obtain exclusive information on new tour dates being released, exclusive experiences like fan presales, and access to special events before they are widely advertised. Artists’ or venue's social media accounts are also handy tools, so be sure to give those a follow too. Doing so will ensure that you are always one step ahead when getting tickets and knowing what shows are coming up!

Sign up for newsletters from promoters or venues.

Staying ahead of the crowd and knowing about shows before they are widely advertised is an excellent way to secure tickets before they are sold out. One way to do that is to sign up for newsletters from venues or promoters. Being on their mailing list will give you access to updates on upcoming events, ticket availability, and any other news you may need to know to take advantage of early ticket opportunities. Keep an eye out for any offers by signing up for these newsletters. You could get incredible discounts or other great benefits as a subscriber. The success rate of snagging a prime seat before it sells out will increase significantly if you follow this strategy!

Follow your favorite bands, comedians, or other performers on their social media accounts.

Keeping tabs on your favorite performers by following them on their social media accounts is an effective way to stay informed about upcoming events. Mus bands and comedians often post information on their social media before it is more widely advertised. Not only can fans find out about new shows before they hit the mainstream platforms, but they may also benefit from access to special offers, presale ticketing, or exclusive competitions and giveaways! It’s a great idea to follow the accounts of the performers you like to ensure you don’t miss out on their future events.

Attend local arts events to meet other fans and learn about upcoming shows.

Attending local arts events is a great way to meet other like-minded music and performance fans and be in the know about upcoming shows. These events can provide an opportunity to converse with passionate music and theatre lovers who can share their knowledge on exciting new acts that will hit your city soon. Who knows, a completely unknown artist could be the next big thing! Local arts events can also keep you up-to-date with special offers or deals from venues or booking companies, enabling you to purchase tickets before they reach the general public for a hot show you won’t want to miss.


Knowing about shows before they are widely advertised can open up opportunities to snag tickets and show up early. Investing time and effort into researching, networking, and utilizing social media accounts to stay on top of upcoming events is well worth the reward. It doesn’t hurt to attend local arts events either—you never know who you might meet or who might have the inside scoop on upcoming performances. To find out about shows before anyone else, follow these simple steps: online research forums and social media groups, ask people in the industry for recommendations, check out websites for artists and venues, sign up for newsletters from promoters or venues, follow your favorite bands, comedians, or other performers on their social media accounts, and attend local arts events. With all these pieces coming together like an intricate puzzle, you’ll be ready to hit the town and get lost in a night when anything is possible. Who knows what kind of unique and undiscovered talent you can come across?