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George Lucas Commends Samuel L. Jackson’s Work Ethic


Key Takeaways:

– Samuel L. Jackson expressed desire to work with George Lucas on a British talk show.
– Lucas admired Jackson’s work ethic leading to his role in Star Wars.
– Both Lucas and Jackson have shared positive experiences from their work relationship.

Renowned Hollywood actor, Samuel L. Jackson’s humility and work ethic played key roles in him securing a key part in Star Wars, according to franchise creator George Lucas. Despite reaching a high level of fame, Jackson didn’t shy away from taking on supporting roles even in major franchise films like Star Wars.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Journey in Star Wars

Known for his stellar performances in “Pulp Fiction” and “Jurassic Park,” Jackson began his Star Wars adventure in 1999. He bagged the role of Jedi Master Mace Windu in the prequel series, a part he got after expressing his interest in the franchise and admiration for Lucas.

In an interview with Vulture in 2023, Jackson explained the origin of his journey into Lucas’s iconic sci-fi world. He revealed that during an interview on a British talk show, he stated his wish to be in a Star Wars movie.

Bonding with George Lucas

Jettisoning any ego attached to his stardom, Jackson’s candid admission caught the attention of Lucas. The director, valuing Jackson’s wish to work in his movie, reached out to him. The duo subsequently developed a strong friendship, a bond that was obviously strengthened through mutual respect and admiration for each other’s craft.

Jackson shared, “Fortunately I’ve been in the blockbuster business for a while,” he said. “George Lucas would like to meet you. He hears you want to be in his Star Wars movie.’ Then George and I became really good friends.”

Unwavering Work Ethic

Lucas was particularly impressed by Jackson’s punctuality, preparedness, and friendly demeanor on set. Following a positive volley of interactions, and a conclusive assessment of Jackson’s commendable approach to work, Lucas officially cast him in Star Wars.

Speaking on Jackson’s professional conduct, Lucas said, “He’s a great actor, he’s extremely talented. He’s very, very professional. He’s always there working on the set. Never goes to his dressing room. Always thinking about his part. Always giving you as much as he can and helping to make the film better.”

Continued Influence and Achievements

Although Jackson’s last appearance in Star Wars was in ‘Revenge of the Sith,’ his contribution to the franchise remains emblematic of his benevolent professional conduct and continued success in the film industry. The self-effacing nature of his approach to work, despite his overwhelming popularity, serves as a testament to his enduring appeal and stature in Hollywood.

Reflecting on his colleague’s capabilities as an actor, Lucas added, “He’s very talented. He is able to sort of disappear into a role. He’s always very powerful. He’s probably the most powerful character on the screen. He’s just a really great all-around actor and a terrific person.”

Thus, Lucas’ decision to cast Jackson as Mace Windu, was not only a great addition to the Star Wars universe but also the beginning of a cherished friendship between the two. With the Star Wars prequel trilogy available to stream on Disney+, fans and cinephiles can revisit and enjoy the skillful portrayal of Mace Windu by none other than the versatile Samuel L. Jackson.

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