Tips for An Amazing Acting Audition

Acting Audition Tips

Acting Audition Tips

Read our Acting audition tips for aspiring and working actors.

The hardest part about becoming an actor is the fact that each Casting Director is different and have different approaches to how an audition should work. For example, at the moment, the Casting Society of America does not have a set of rules each casting director should follow. It is important to note that before the pandemic, many auditions took place in person. That said, new safety protocols have made nearly all auditions virtual. Actors must audition through video submissions with meetings ZOOM and other video conferencing software. That said, an actor's prerogative should always be to do their job and perform a scene an actor should be remembered for their efforts and do their job.

Here are audition tips every actor should know

  • Focus on the audition
    • Auditions are about creating connections in the entertainment industry. The chances of landing a role are always small, and many factors go into who producers and casting directors decide to hire on a project. Most working actors audition for at least 20 projects for every role they land.
    • At each audition, it is crucial to show the casting director you are prepared and talented, even if the role is not right for you. If you are a reliable actor, then you will be remembered for future projects and productions.
  • Memorize your lines
    • The most professional actors know all of their lines. The best actors know all of their lines and everyone else in the scene. The actors who consistently get acting jobs are those who know their lines. No one is going to hire an actor if they cannot memorize their lines in the audition.
    • The performance should be as perfect as possible. If you need help memorizing lines, check out our guide here. 
  • Do your research
    • The most important thing for an actor is to prepare for an audition. Outside of memorizing lines, an actor needs to learn what kind of roles does the casting director cast.
      • For example, watch TV show episodes which were cast by the casting director. Focus on the pacing, intensity, and style of the characters.
      • Research the directors, writer, and producer, so you are familiar with their previous work as possible.
  • Keep your sides in your hands.
    • While you may know all of your lines, it is vital to hold your sides. Casting directors may ask you to reference your sides or make changes to your audition. Also, sides can be used as a prop and offer a reminder to anyone watching your video audition.
  • Be Nice.
    • It is important to be charming, personable and invested n your work. The director may be working with you for an extended time, and you do not want to be someone that the production can not see themselves being around.
    • It also does not hurt to smile.
  • Don't wear a costume and bring props.
    • Actors should dress in the spirit of the character or production but not in costume. Nothing shouts unprofessional more than an actor dressed up as a pirate for an audition.
    • Actors need to make your acting show more than any prop or costume. Also, you don't want to interfere with the director's vision.
  • Make a statement
    • It is better to make a firm acting decision about your character. By doing so, you will become more memorable even if this does not lead to actually booking that particular acting job.
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