Entertainment NewsWendy Williams Scores Big with Lifetime Documentary Contract

Wendy Williams Scores Big with Lifetime Documentary Contract


Wendy Williams, the widely recognized television host, has reportedly secured a significant earnings through her contentious Lifetime documentary. Despite facing a slew of criticisms, Williams was promised a six-figure paycheck for laying bare her life to the cameras in “Where Is Wendy Williams?” according to The Jasmine Brand.

– Wendy Williams’ controversial documentary, “Where Is Wendy Williams?”, has reportedly earned her a significant cash payout.
– The TV host was set to earn $100,000 per episode in the four-part documentary series.
– Despite the substantial earnings, the series has been met with criticisms and legal controversies.
– The docuseries unintentionally portrayed her mental decline and alcohol addiction.
– Sabrina Morrissey, Wendy’s appointed guardian, filed a lawsuit challenging the validity of the contract due to Williams’ mental state.

Williams’ Hefty Paycheck

Radar Online reports that the acclaimed 59-year-old was set to make $100,000 for each episode of the four-part documentary. This lucrative deal also included a $1,000 stipend for her glamour team. Despite this sizable budget for her appearance, viewers often observed Williams looking disheveled in numerous scenes throughout the series.

Radar managed to obtain an 18-page contract outlining Williams’ compensation for participating in the project. The popular star reportedly signed this contract just before being diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia in 2023, an affliction she shares with famous action star Bruce Willis.

The docuseries was initially billed as a comeback for the ex-radio host. However, the project unintentionally highlighted Williams’s mental deterioration, physical health problems, and alcohol addiction.

Questions of Validity

Sabrina Morrissey, Williams’ appointed guardian, took legal action against Lifetime and its parent company, A+E Networks, just mere days before the documentary’s premiere on Feb 24. Morrissey’s lawsuit, filed on Feb. 22, challenged the validity of the contract in light of Williams’ mental condition. The guardian accused the networks of exploiting Williams, who was purportedly in a state incapable of legally authorizing participation.

Morrissey further alleged that the authorizing company, cryptically self-titled “The Wendy Experience”, bore an illegible signatory in the contract. This signature, distinguished from Williams’ own and carrying the title “CEO”, has aroused suspicion about the legality and ethics of the contract.

Despite Morrissey’s efforts, the series aired as scheduled, to the surprise and disappointment of Williams’ fan community.

Wendy Williams’ Lifetime Documentary: A Cause for Controversy?

Already fraught with critique from audiences, the Williams docuseries now faces additional scrutiny due to Morrissey’s allegations. While the show was meant to enshrine Williams’s triumphant return to public life, it ended up becoming an exposé of the hardships she is confronted with. Now, questions are rising about the ethics of the contract, and the measures by which it was secured, casting a long, disconcerting shadow over the series.

Despite the controversy surrounding the documentary, it cannot be denied that Williams walked away with significant earnings. The six-figure sum certainly illustrates the venerated position she holds within the media world. Yet, the backlash the series has faced, coupled with the legal controversies, leads to a critical evaluation of the true cost of this project for the renowned media mogul.

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