[WATCH] How Blind People "Watch" Movies

Here is a short documentary by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences showing how blind people "watch" movies.

Eyesight is a sense millions of people take for granted everyday. From reading a book to watching a TV show, vision is crucial for many people to enjoy their time off from work. But, it begs the question, how do people without eyesight watch and enjoy television? Well, apparently, movie visuals are not as important as you think, at least according to these blind people argue that feature films are for everyone. In a recent video released by the Academy Originals, the Oscars reveals how the blind enjoy movies. The documentary short called "Not Much To See':How the Blind Enjoy Movies" explores how visually impaired individuals "watch" movies without seeing a thing. For the short documentary, three blind people were interviewed including Blind Film Critic's Tommy Edison, Blind Girl Blog's Melissa Hudson, and Mario Garcia, winner of the 2013 Braille Institute "Cinema Without Sight" award. While a descriptive voiceover and good storytelling are crucial, what really assists them is a free narration service called Audio Description. In selected theaters, moviegoers can put on a pair of special headphones and get details in on what other people with vision take for granted. Check out the video below:

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