The Walking Dead: 4 Things You Missed in "Them"

4 Things you missed in The Walking Dead Season 5 episode "Them"

Sunday night's episode of The Walking Deadtitled "Them," was a slow depressing episode. The Walking Dead featured the survivors seriously affected by the deaths of Tyreese and Beth. The episode was filled with religious metaphors, comic book references, and a little bit of danger. Here are four things you might have missed. 1. Maggie almost committed suicide. During the episode, Maggie comes across a bound and gagged walker in the trunk of a car. While it is interesting to wonder how this person ended up there, it was Maggie's reaction to the walker that was the most important part. After shutting the trunk and walking away, she returns to the car in a state of distress. She becomes extremely emotional when the key jams and she's unable to open the trunk. It looks as though Maggie is strongly contemplating suicide. In the comic book, Maggie was also emotionally distressed following the death of her sister and father. She decides that she couldn't take any more and she tries to hang herself from a tree. But, just like the TV series, Glenn saves her. AMC "The Walking Dead" Season 5, Episode 9 "What Happened and Wh 2. The Bible was everywhere Throughout the episode there was a ton of religious symbolism. First, Maggie and Gabrielle discuss religion and faith. But, there were also a lot of subtle references to the Old Testament, such as the trail of dead frogs, locusts stuck in a spider web, and finally the storm and black cloud that nearly wiped out everything. Walking Dead With the walkers attempting to break down the door and the storm threatening to destroy everything in its way, the group finally came together as one to save each other. It is almost like the survivors were saved by a miracle. 3. Major comic book references The Walking Dead, "Them" featured several iconic scenes from the comic book. The first was Rick's speech to the group in the barn, when he delivered the most popular line in the comic book series: walking dead The second scene came right at the end of the episode, when a guy called Aaron approached Maggie and Sasha and asked to be taken to their leader, Rick. You can check out our full break down of this new guy Aaron here. 4. Daryl is no longer afraid of affection any more. the-walking-dead-season5-episode10-carol-kisses-daryl In Season 2, Daryl hated when Carol tried to lay a kiss on his head. But, in last Sunday's episode that's not an issue any more... What do you think of last Sunday's episode of 'The Walking Dead'? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!