Upcoming Tupac Shakur Biopic is "On Hold"

John Singleton recently revealed that the upcoming Tupac Shakur biopic is on hold.

The director told XXL, “I’m putting my involvement on hold right now because we’re trying to figure out some things. I got a script and I got the blessings from his family. We’ll see. I’m putting it on hold until it’s right. We’ve got to get it right.” John Singleton said he has been working on the project and reports suggest that Singleton and the producers are not seeing eye-to-eye on the direction of the Tupac Shakur film. Recently in a Q&A at the Grammy Museum, Singleton dodged questions about the upcoming Tupac Shakur biopic. "I'm a very passionate person who wants to make the movie I want to make,” he said. “Tupac's soul would come back and haunt my ass if it wasn't done right. His journey was so specific, but it affected billions of people. "It has to be as bold as him. There were things he did that some people were offended by and others not. His soul was so deep. But I don't want to say anything else about this." What do you think of the Tupac Shakur biopic? Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting. Source: Billboard