Meet the Anonymous Tumblr with Stories of Sexual Abuse in the Music Industry

A woman creates an anonymous Tumblr including stories of sexual abuse in the music industry. 

According to a report by, The Industry Ain’t Safe is drawing controversy across the music industry putting our favorite singers, mangers, and recording artists in the hot seat. The creator of The Industry Ain't Safe says she launched the website as a public platform for women to share their personal stores and express their concerns and fears. In the first blog post published earlier this week, the woman behind the blog describe her self as "a young woman working in the indie music industry" and shares that she's been a victim of sexual assault and harassment on multiple occasions. For example, she points out that, "Just as students at universities have taken naming & shaming into their own hands when school policies for sexual violence fall short of justice, I believe women can reclaim power from this inarguably patriarchal industry and let their voices be heard - without jeopardizing their jobs or companies." In an interview with Broadly, the anonymous creator says the idea for the website came from a previous campaign by students at the University of Chicago, who started a website calling out rapists. “I was inspired by University of Chicago students who took matters into their own hands and made (alleged) attackers’ names public when the university wouldn’t do so,” says the Industry Ain’t Safe founder. “We have all heard stories of sexual harassment, but as long as the harassers are not acknowledged for who they actually are, their behavior is likely to continue.” So far, her website has five posts including the introduction. The website's creator says the goal is for the website to serve as a coping tool for those abused in the music industry. “That can mean divulging all details as well as someone’s name, their role and where they’re located,” she says. “It can also mean candidly discussing the lack of support you find within your own work environment, or the internal struggles you face, or literally whatever else you want to voice but feel as though you can’t elsewhere.”

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