Entertainment NewsTom Cruise on Finally Releasing ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ After COVID Shutdowns: “We...

Tom Cruise on Finally Releasing ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ After COVID Shutdowns: “We Dreamed About It”


Tom Cruise Reflects on the Release of ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ After COVID Shutdowns: “We Had a Vision”

In anticipation of the movie’s upcoming theatrical debut, Tom Cruise, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, expressed his desire for his film and “all of the films” to achieve success at the box office.

On Monday evening, Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One held its highly-anticipated premiere in New York City. The event saw a crowd of enthusiastic fans, sans masks, while journalists lined the lengthy red carpet, shoulder-to-shoulder.

This premiere starkly contrasted the social distancing protocols enforced during the pandemic’s peak when the seventh installment of Mission: Impossible was being filmed.

The production, featuring Tom Cruise in the lead role, faced numerous setbacks caused by COVID-19 throughout its multi-year shoot. The movie experienced five shutdowns due to the pandemic, with Cruise and writer-director Christopher McQuarrie contracting the virus. Additionally, an audio recording of Cruise emphasizing the importance of adhering to COVID restrictions went viral.

Therefore, with the film finally set to hit theaters on Wednesday, Cruise expressed his amazement during his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, stating that he and the film’s team overcame these challenges and are thrilled to share the movie with audiences.

“We discussed it. We dreamed about it. It’s an extraordinary moment,” Cruise remarked. “For Top Gun: Maverick, they kept delaying the release, and for [McQuarrie] and me, this film is incredibly ambitious. It was an immensely challenging project to produce, and then all these unexpected events occurred, making it even more demanding. So, receiving this response… it’s truly extraordinary.”

Dead Reckoning’s release follows a series of underperforming summer blockbusters at the box office, such as The Flash, Elemental, and Indiana Jones.

By the end of June, the latest Mission: Impossible installment was projected to achieve its best-ever opening weekend in North America, estimated at $65 million or more. Theater chains are undoubtedly hoping for the film to meet, if not surpass, these expectations.

Nonetheless, Cruise, an ardent advocate for the theatrical experience, remains unfazed by potential ticket sales pressures.

When asked if he feels pressure for his latest film to excel commercially, he told THR, “I’m focused on creating the best films I possibly can and hoping they all perform exceptionally well, including other films too.”

He added, “I view a movie in terms of its quality and lasting impact. I invest my all into it. Therefore, my primary goal is to produce the best film possible, captivating the audience within its specific genre.”

Cruise has already expressed his excitement for upcoming releases, including Indiana Jones, Barbie, and Oppenheimer, all hitting theaters in the following weeks. He intends to experience each of these films firsthand.

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