This New Oscars Rule Will Change Speeches Forever

Anne Hathaway Jennifer Lawrence

Anne Hathaway Jennifer Lawrence

The producers of the 2016 Oscars are introducing a new way for winners to express their gratitude.

Get ready to meet the new Oscar scroll, a relative of the cable news ticker tape! In order to eliminate the tradition of flustered winning speeches, Reginald Hudlin and David Hill, who are producing the 88th Academy Awards, are introducing a new way for the winners to acknowledge all their thank-yous. From THR:

Nominees are being asked to submit a list of those they would like to thank should they win in advance of the Feb. 28 broadcast, which will air live on ABC, and then if they are called to the stage, a scroll of the names of those they wish to thank will run across the bottom of the screen.

In previous shows, Hill explained: “Acceptance speeches have become a list of names and more often than not, time ran out before something could be spoken from the heart about the art, about the vision, about the experience, about the meaning of the moment.” He added, “We needed to rethink how this could be a better experience for everyone.” The new approach could create a new wave of award winning speeches. In the past, a winner could always say they forgot to thank a friend, family member or a producer. Now, since nominees will have time to decide exactly whom to thank in advance, they will have to come up with a better excuse if they forget.

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