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‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Series to Start Filming


‘The ' Spinoff series to start filming the TV within the next few months.

AMC has announced that they are now in pre-production for the Walking Dead spinoff pilot. According to reports, the new series will begin filming in late 2014.

After the series finales of Breaking Bad and , AMC is working hard on finding shows that will continue to provide high ratings to the network. Unfortunately, Low Winter Sun or Halt And Catch Fire have not proved to be successful replacement series. So, AMC is planning on producing another spin-off, this time for the mega-hit The Walking Dead.

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What could the ‘Walking Dead' spin-off be about? One thing is for sure, there will be a ton of zombies. Other than that, who the hell knows. There aren't a lot of details at this point, aside for the fact that the spin-off will center on a different location other than Georgia and could possibly look at the days leading up to the apocalypse.

Here's what we know about the  Walking Dead companion pilot. Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert and Dave Erickson are all involved with The Walking Dead and will all the new pilot. In addition, Erickson is signed on as the showrunner for the pilot, which is fitting considering he co-created and co-wrote the pilot. is expected to begin before the end of the year, and AMC President Charlie Collier did give us some hints about the premise, noting that “ have been curious about what is going on in the zombie apocalypse in other parts of the world.” If the new pilot does take a more global look at the universe, it would be a smart move, as there would be infinite potential to market the series around the world.

Without a title or a premise, there's not a ton to go on, but we do know that both Erickson and the better-known Kirkman are thrilled to be a part of the new pilot and to bring more of the Walking Dead universe to the small screen. [Cinema Blend]

The spin-off makes a lot of sense for the network considering The Walking Dead is the most watched show  on Television. Better yet, the ratings are increasing every season.

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One thing is for sure about the Walking Dead spin-0ff, producers are stalling. Discussions for the spin-off have been on going for months. If the main show is a hit with a complete half season focused on a group of walking to a new location, I can only imagine what they have in store for ‘The Walking Dead‘ spinoff; Probably more walking.

While The Walking Dead did not receive a full series order today, the channel is expected to pick it up after seeing how the pilot turns out. With production slated to start later this year, expect and announcements to arrive soon!


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