Entertainment NewsTarantino's Final Venture: Could Sgt. Rock Be It?

Tarantino’s Final Venture: Could Sgt. Rock Be It?


Key Takeaways:

– Tarantino is said to be considering retirement after completing a decade of Hollywood projects.
– The final project, rumored to be The Movie Critic starring and Tom Cruise, has been shelved.
– Tarantino may consider making a one-off Sgt. Rock movie, a course of action he himself has admitted to considering.
– DC character Sgt. Rock has appeared in various comic arcs and storylines alongside characters like Batman, , and The Suicide Squad.

Legendary Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino is rumored to be nearing retirement after creating groundbreaking cinema for the past few decades. Earlier linked to The Movie Critic with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as his last industry contribution, speculations are swirling around his next course of action as the project has been discontinued.

Could Sgt. Rock Be Tarantino's Final Fling?

A possible alternative that's currently generating buzz is Quentin Tarantino's potential involvement in a Sgt. Rock . The director has confessed in the past to having thought about taking up this project. If this materializes, it would be a significant boost for James Gunn, who is striving to revitalize the upcoming .

Tarantino is well-known for being picky when it comes to film projects, having worked on only nine movies so far. It appears that the renowned director has expressed admiration for a unique script by David Webb Peoples, centering around the character Sgt. Rock, raising hopes for fans of the eminent director.

Remembering Peoples' Brilliance

Peoples, a seasoned scriptwriter, has contributed significantly to the with hard-hitting screenplays for movies like 12 Monkeys, Runner, and Unforgiven. Interestingly, he also wrote a script for a DC movie revolving around the World War II hero, Sgt. Rock. Tarantino seemed enthusiastic about the screenplay, according to Indie Wire. However, he isn't entirely convinced about working on the film, casting a looming question mark over its future.

Spotlight on Sgt. Rock: The Almost-Movie Star

Sgt. Rock, a heroic World War II character who served the US Army, first made his comic book appearance in 1959. The figure has in several comic arcs and has graced storylines alongside formidable characters like Batman, Superman, and The Suicide Squad.

In addition to comic books, Sgt. Rock appeared in a three-part episode of The and was integrated into Legends of Tomorrow's narrative. Despite these notable appearances, a movie adaptation starring the character hasn't materialized. However, a film iteration was close to being greenlit in the late 1980s with a screenplay by Peoples and Bruce Willis lined up for the leading role in 2007.

Despite numerous attempts, a full-fledged silver screen representation of Sgt. Rock has remained elusive. Should James Gunn manage to pull off a Tarantino project, it would be an indisputable victory for both the fans and the DC Universe.

The possibility of world-renowned director Quentin Tarantino spearheading a Sgt. Rock project is loaded with anticipation and intrigue. Will this be his final Hollywood masterpiece or just another unfinished thought? Only time can reveal.


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