Entertainment NewsSydney Sweeney Eyed for 'Spider-Man 4' (Report)

Sydney Sweeney Eyed for ‘Spider-Man 4’ (Report)


Key Takeaways:

– Sydney Sweeney could potentially make her MCU debut in Spider-Man 4 following her successful stint as Julia Cornwall, aka Spider-Woman, in .
– Possible changes in her comic book character could pave the way for Sweeney's MCU debut.
– Sweeney expressed interest in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe during her interview.
– The actress is also rumored to be fan-favorite for the role of Black Cat in the future MCU project.
– These possibilities and rumors are fueled by comments from a reputable leaker, MyTimeToShineHello.

Sydney Sweeney's Ascent in Hollywood

Following her role in HBO's Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney's career has seen a steady upswing with a deluge of enticing opportunities streaming her way. From the Marvel universe to the realm of horror, the sought-after actress is steadily etching her name as a Hollywood mainstay. The newest speculation in her Hollywood trajectory appears to be a potential opportunity in the fourth installment of Spider-Man.

Potential Transition from Madame Web to Spider-Man 4

In her recently acclaimed portrayal of Julia Cornwall, famously better known as Spider-Woman in Madame Web, Sweeney expressed interest in exploring the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This desire, combined with her impressive career trajectory, might lead to her eventual involvement in Sony's acclaimed Spider-Man universe, even despite Dakota Johnson's film not meeting expectations.

On Dabbling in the Marvel Universe

During her interaction with Comicbook.com, the actress couldn't contain her excitement at the prospect of joining MCU. She pointed out how thrilling it would be to share the screen with her Euphoria co-star, Zendaya. Clearly, the possibility exists for Sweeney to become a permanent fixture in the MCU universe.

ScreenRant suggested that if Sweeney does step into the MCU, she might encounter minor changes in her comic book origins. Sony had altered the name of her Spider-Woman character from Julia Carpenter to Julia Cornwall in Madame Web. MCU could revert this change in Spider-Man 4, reinstating her original character name.

Enter Black Cat?

As the interest around Sweeney's potential involvement in Spider-Man 4 continues to grow, rumors of her taking on the role of Black Cat are buzzing in the air. This speculation was triggered following an announcement by reputed leaker, MyTimeToShineHello, who reported that Sweeney had landed the role of Black Cat in Spider-Man 4.

Sydney Sweeney as Black Cat seems more than a fitting casting choice. Her past roles have demonstrated her capacity to deliver powerful performances, making her a strong candidate to bring Felicia Hardy to . Hardy is a captivating character, often seen running circles around an unsuspecting Peter Parker.


Although these rumors are yet to be confirmed by official channels, the idea of Sydney Sweeney bridging her career from Madame Web to Spider-Man 4 excites fans. Given the versatility she's demonstrated in her past roles, there's no denying she would fit the bill ideally and significantly contribute to the grandeur of the MCU franchise. Her potential involvement in Spider-Man 4 might well be the big leap she needs to solidify her the Hollywood circuit. Fans eagerly await any official , which would undoubtedly send ripples of excitement through the MCU fandom.

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