Streaming Giants Netflix and Apple Explore New Bundling Strategies with Competitors


Paris, France - December 15, 2016: Amazon Prime Video VS Netflix concept. Video-on-demand services competitors Netflix and Amazon prime video. focus on Netflix homepage.

In a significant shift in the streaming industry, Netflix and Apple are exploring new bundling strategies with their competitors, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. This move marks a departure from their previous stance of operating independently in the streaming market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Verizon announced a $10 per month deal bundling the ad tiers of Netflix and Max, offering a 40% discount.
  • Netflix, traditionally not offering discounts, seems more open to bundling after launching its ad tier.
  • Apple TV+ is in talks with Paramount about a potential bundle, though details are unclear.
  • Legacy media companies like Disney, NBCUniversal, and Warner Bros. Discovery have been more open to bundling and discounting.
  • The new bundles involving Netflix and Apple suggest a shift in strategy to stay competitive.

A New Era in Streaming

The Verizon Bundle

Verizon's recent announcement of a $10 per month deal that includes the ad tiers of both Netflix and Max is a game-changer. This bundle offers a significant 40% discount compared to standard prices. It's notable because Netflix has historically not offered discounts on its plans. The deal suggests a strategic shift for Netflix, possibly influenced by the launch of its ad tier, which is generating better margins than its base ad-free tier.

Apple's Potential Collaboration

Apple TV+, known for its standalone approach, is reportedly in discussions with Paramount for a potential bundle. While the specifics are yet to be clarified, this move indicates Apple's willingness to explore partnerships to enhance its streaming service's growth and reduce subscriber churn.

Industry-Wide Implications

The streaming services from legacy media companies have long shown a willingness to bundle or discount their offerings. The Disney Bundle and Peacock's deal with Instacart+ are prime examples. However, the involvement of streaming giants like Netflix and Apple in such strategies marks a significant shift, suggesting a more collaborative approach in a highly competitive market.


As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, major players like Netflix and Apple are adapting their strategies to maintain their market positions. By exploring bundling options and partnerships, these companies are not only aiming to attract more subscribers but also to offer more value to their existing customer base. This trend towards collaboration and bundling could redefine the streaming industry's future, making it more dynamic and consumer-friendly.