Entertainment NewsDuffer Brothers Are Still Editing 'Stranger Things' Season 1, Is This Dangerous?

Duffer Brothers Are Still Editing ‘Stranger Things’ Season 1, Is This Dangerous?


Why Are the Duffer Brothers Still Working on ‘Stranger Things’ Season One and Two?

Why go back to something that has already aired?

In the film world, we’re all familiar with directors’ cuts. It appears that you can always go back and adjust after a movie is finished.

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In television, director’s cuts are something new. When an episode is a broadcast, there isn’t usually enough money, time, or even power to go back and alter things. But that’s what the Duffer brothers were doing now with Stranger Things. The Duffer brothers have been quietly going back through seasons one and two and altering things behind the scenes.

Fans who own the DVDs of those seasons noticed that in the first season, Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) was a peeping Tom when he snuck up on Nancy (Natalia Dyer) from behind and took pictures of her. The pair are now together in the narrative, which has been deemed lecherous.

The same can be said for a minor season two plot hole, in which they incorrectly state Will’s birthday as the day before. As well, that has been remedied.

According to Variety, the Duffers are going back and tinkering with things, but you have to wonder when it will end and if it compromises the show’s integrity. Season one was like a cannon shot; it wasn’t afraid to bring the messiness of life and love into its narrative. Going back to sanitize a character because there’s been a love story in later installments takes the guesswork out. It changes the tale as well. They revised one the viewer may not be aware of if they never revisited. When fixing a birthday, I believe the date’s significance matters less. Still, it’s the act of going backward into seasons and making changes that we consider questionable.

Filmmaking is an art; changing the established and presented art will always appear different. We’ve seen it. We liked it, so why are we changing it now? But I also understand the allure of correcting things after they have been set and presented once you have a vision of where the show is going.

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