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Starz Cancels ‘Minx’: A Detailed Review


One of the primetime TV dramas that has attracted significant attention and created several ripples in the television recently was ‘Minx'. The series, unfortunately, has now been pulled from production by the network, . The cancellation of the show has raised eyebrows and questions about the thought process behind such a move.

Developed by Ellen Rapoport and Paul Feig, ‘Minx' was expected to go on a pretty long run, considering its potential. However, the grim news of its termination came in unexpectedly, shocking all its dedicated and followers.

The series revolves around a young feminist in the 1970s who aims to bring an erotic magazine for women to . The plot is interesting, the era is well-researched, the characters are beautifully developed – but it simply wasn't enough to sustain ‘Minx' in the cut-throat world of television.

While Starz's decision to cancel ‘Minx' might surprise many, it's essential to consider the dog-eat-dog nature of the contemporary television landscape. Shows are competing fiercely for audiences, and even a small dip in , criticism, or financial constraints can trigger the cancellation of a program.

Shining a light on these factors, it's clear that although popular and engaging, ‘Minx' did struggle with the numbers. From a simple Google search about its performance, it's easy to see that the series did experience some hiccups with regard to viewer ratings as well as viewership numbers. This, coupled with the competitive TV landscape, could've been a significant factor contributing to the show's untimely end.

Despite this news, ‘Minx' managed to bag some rave and considerable fan following during its short run, securing a niche in the landscape. Fans of the series praised it for its crisp writing, the captivating performance of Jake Johnson, and its mastery in depicting the unique era of the 70s.

Interestingly, ‘Minx' was initially planned as an HBO Max series. However, due to reasons not publicly stated, it was later moved to Starz. The transition did not disturb the production process, but the change in platforms may have contributed to some extent to the show's waning viewership numbers.

Moreover, the ongoing complications due to the Covid-19 pandemic may have inadvertently weakened the show's production as well as broadcasting capabilities. Although this is speculation, the pandemic has left an undeniable impact on film and TV series production globally.

While ‘Minx' admirers are grappling to accept the cancellation news, some have shown optimism. They are hopeful of a twist, perhaps a return on a different platform or a rebirth on the same one. Some series, after all, have managed to pull off such returns. From Netflix's ‘Lucifer' to CWs ‘', television history is ripe with such comebacks.

In conclusion, the abrupt cancellation of ‘Minx' was unexpected. Still, a deep dive into television's current dynamics, the show's financial aspects, and the critical element of audience engagement reveal that it was not entirely surprising. However, the devotion of its fan base and the critical acclaim that it has garnered suggest that ‘Minx' might just be down, but not necessarily out.

Despite the cruel nature of show , where one gig's end can signify the start of another, we should remember to pay homage to its influence. After all, ‘Minx' did manage to leave a mark in its short run, representing a unique, fascinating era of the past, even as it became a part of it.

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