'Star Wars' Movie Poster Sparks "Racism" Controversy

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Chinese poster sparks "racism" controversy.

The black British actor of the highly anticipated new Star Wars movie has been removed from a poster to promote the move in China. The character Finn, played by British actor John Boyega, 23, is nowhere to be found in the Chinese poster in comparison to the US and UK version of the Star Wars: Force Awakens poster. Instead, TIE fighters firing upon the Millennium Falcon take up the right side of the poster, while John Boyega is hid under Han Solo and Princess Leia, an odd choice since he's the leading man in the upcoming Star Wars movie. Star Wars Poster There are other changes too. Chewbacca is also missing. While droid BB-8 is much larger in the Chinese version. Twitter users were pissed off, with one calling the decision to remove Boyega "profoundly wrong" and "horrorific" This news comes after thousands of fans were upset to see John Boyega as the leading actor in the new Star Wars movie. People were so upset with the new Star Wars movie cast a black actor to become a jedi that many people called for a boycott of the new Star Wars movie. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set for release worldwide on December 17. What do you think of the movie poster? Did Disney make the right decision by cutting out John Boyega? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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