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‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ May Rewrite Harrison Ford Out of the Movie


: Episode VII may need a complete rewrite or delay after Harrison 's injury.

, hurt his leg on the Star Wars: Episode VII set and it was reported as an ankle injury, days later it was reported as leg injury, now the news doesn't sound like it is getting any better.

According to Jedi News, things are not too good.

We're hearing via a number of sources that production on Episode VII could be delayed due to the severe nature of Harrison Ford's leg injury.

We understand a meeting was called this morning at Pinewood to discuss the situation, but the early word is that production of the film could be pushed back by a substantial amount of time.

This is a huge problem. would like to have the movie out by , and it is rumored that Disney is willing to write Harrison Ford completely out of the movie to make the deadline. Of course, replacing is going to be problematic both storyline wise and even casting wise. The next problem is that if Disney decides to push the movie back for Harrison Ford, that means every single other Star Wars movie will have to be pushed back.

But, keep in mind that this is not confirmed yet from Bad Robots, LucasFilms or Disney. Either way there is a major changes underway on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII

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