Star Wars: Chewbacca Arrested in Ukraine After Failing to Show ID

Chewebacca appears before a court in Ukraine after man inside a Star Wars costume failed to show ID.

According to The Guardian, a man wearing a Chewbacca costume was arrested for not presenting identification documents. Police had earlier detained him at a polling station where he said he was was going to vote for Darth Vader in a mayoral election. The man was fined about $7.50 for the "administrative offense". From The Guardian:
Darth Vaders have been frequent candidates at Ukrainian elections, with a reported 16 of them taking part in last year’s parliamentary vote. The Vaders, many of whom have changed their names legally, usually campaign in full costume. A statue of Vladimir Lenin was given a makeover and unveiled in a new guise as Darth Vader last week, in response to a Ukrainian law banning symbols of the Communist past. Chewbacca’s arrest was not the only controversy on election day. More significantly, the vote was cancelled in the city of Mariupol, close to the front line between pro-Ukraine forces and Russia-backed separatists. The official reason was due to spoiled ballot papers, and there are plans to reschedule the vote in a fortnight.
Apparently, recent elections in Ukraine have become victim to voter-buying, spoiler candidates and backroom deals, leading to many people wondering why Ukraine has not changed after the Maidan revolution that occurred last year.

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