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Sophia Di Martino Wants to Collaborate with Chris Hemsworth After ‘Loki’ Season 2


Starred as Sylvie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the talented Sophia Di Martino has revealed her aspiration to be part of a possible crossover with Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. This revelation, shared during her interview with Variety, has left MCU fans enthusiastic about the prospect.

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Key Takeaways:

– Sophia Di Martino, known for portraying Sylvie in the Disney+ series, Loki, expresses desire to share the screen with Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.
– Social media erupted with fan excitement and speculation at the possibility of the Thor-Sylvie crossover.
– Di Martino remains open to returning to the MCU despite uncertainty about her character’s future.
– She also addressed the possibility of a third Loki season, stating that even actors are unsure about Marvel’s filming plans.

Sophia Di Martino’s Aspirations for MCU Crossover

Adored by fans, the dynamic relationship between Loki and Thor has been a significant attraction in the MCU. Now, Sophia Di Martino seeks to explore a similar, yet unique dynamic between her character, Sylvie, and the God of Thunder, Thor. Expressing her passion for potential opportunities in future MCU ventures, the actress spoke about the possibility of this intriguing interaction.

Di Martino, 40, expressed her excitement about the prospect of a potential encounter between Sylvie, Thor, and Loki. Elaborating on the idea, she explained how the familial complexities could lend an interesting layer to their dynamics and believes that it would be fun to create a synergy between the three characters.

Fans Show Enthusiasm Over the Potential Crossover

The overhead comments sparked a euphoria among fans, who took to social media to express their anticipation and approval. Fans have loved the brotherly bond that exists between Thor and Loki, and with Loki’s newest role in the multiverse, the upcoming Thor film could potentially explore the dynamic between his variant and the God of Thunder. Social media sites were flooded with optimistic messages cheering for the idea of Sylvie and Thor on the screen together.

Future in the MCU Remains Uncertain

Despite the excitement, Sophia Di Martino still faces uncertainty over her future in the MCU. When talking about a potential third season for the Loki series, she candidly admitted, “I have no idea, honestly.” However, the 40-year-old actress remains positive and expressed her openness towards future opportunities with Marvel.

Di Martino reflected on the Season 2 finale, expressing gratitude for the experience and added she will be content even if it’s the end of her journey. Sharing more about the super-secretive nature of Marvel Cinematic Universe, she disclosed that even actors are sometimes not privy to future plotlines.

Tom Hiddleston’s Thoughts on Loki’s Future

Di Martino’s co-star Tom Hiddleston also voiced his thoughts on Loki’s possible future in the MCU. The star actor shared his experiences on being Loki and stated that there have been instances when he thought his journey had ended, but things unfolded differently. Hiddleston looks back at the Season 2 finale with pride and satisfaction for the work they accomplished.

With the pair expressing a positive sentiment, the fans can keep their fingers crossed for more of both Sylvie and Loki in future MCU releases. Meanwhile, the entire Loki series is available for streaming on Disney+, offering fans a chance at revisiting the compelling world of the God of Mischief and his variant.

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