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Casting Call: ‘Smurfs’ Movie Coming Soon Starring Rihanna

NEW YORK - SEP 12, 2019: Rihanna attends the 5th annual Diamond Ball at Cipriani on September 12, 2019, in New York City. (Editorial credit: JStone / Shutterstock.com)

From the quirky worlds of animated entertainment, the ever-endearing, and totally lovable small blue beings, The Smurfs, are returning to the silver screen. The Smurfs' cascading popularity, around the globe, has been carving out a unique place in ' hearts since their prime time television debut in 1981. This time, the tiny blue crew is all set for a smashing comeback with a new animated feature film, loaded with enthralling surprises and the brilliance of the multi-faceted personality, Rihanna.

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Rihanna, the , the , the fashionista, is not only known for her amazing albums and unique , but also for her impressive acting skill that blends into any character she assumes. This time, she has charmed the industry for a spell, clinching a coveted role in The Smurfs revamp.

The global sensation will be lending her voice to one of the film's vibrant characters, adding another feather to her cap after voice roles in animated hits like “Home”. The addition of the eight-time Grammy-winning superstar to the Smurfs' family will undoubtedly add an dimension, amplifying the charm of these iconic, delightful creatures.

The forthcoming film, rejuvenated by an explosive mix of prominent stars from different spheres, appears to be the most awaited film announcement from Pictures Animation in recent times. As it stands, the creators have remained tight-lipped about the film's storyline, leaving fans intrigued and eager for more updates.

The resources inform us that the directors of the movie are concentrating on building a star-studded cast, which apart from Rihanna, supposedly, includes “” star Josh Gad and Rainn Wilson, best-known for his role as Dwight Schrute on NBC's “The Office.” The addition of these stars to the films' cast evokes an emiction of excitement for the fans who are looking forward to seeing their favorite stars' performances.

The franchise, initially a comic strip, created by the Belgian artist Pierre Culliford aka Peyo, gained enormous popularity worldwide with its animated series. Eventually, the franchise expanded into films, proving to be a cash cow for production houses, which further fuelled its journey of translations, adoptions, and revamps.

The first-ever Smurf film hit the worldwide screens in 2011, turning heads with its unique blend of animation and live-action. The innovation created a unique aura around the film, which led to Smurfs 2 (2013) and Smurfs: The Lost village (2017), each accompanied by its distinct formula that kept the franchise fresh and engaging.

Rihanna's entry into this iconic, blue-tinted universe, considered to be one of the best animated franchises ever created, is undoubtedly a significant milestone in her career. By adding this new chapter to her illustrious filmography, the Barbadian singer subtly opens up new avenues, sparking diverse possibilities for her acting career.

Although details under wraps, the overall excitement, the line-up, and the franchise's fascinating history have already set the expectations soaring high. The Smurfs film industry to date has attracted humongous commercial success and massive appreciation from the fans. Hence, the expectations from the movie are pretty high, and fans are looking forward to watching this movie that includes their favorite Smurf characters and favorite voice artist.

With a distinguished team behind the film's creation and powerhouses of talent voicing the characters, the audience eagerly awaits this blue adventure's delightful return. The Smurfs' upcoming feature film witnesses a harmony of music, art, and performance, infused with a fresh, breathtaking taste of creativity, evolution, and essence.

Undeniably, Rihanna's involvement has thrown the spotlight on the project, heightening the entire fanbase's anticipation. As fans eagerly look forward to seeing their favorite superstars uniting for an enthralling cinematic experience, one thing is clear -The Smurfs are ready to conquer the world once again, painted in blue and sounding like Rihanna.



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