Entertainment News'Shang-Chi' Post-Credit Scene to Connect with Marvel's 'Armor Wars' Film

‘Shang-Chi’ Post-Credit Scene to Connect with Marvel’s ‘Armor Wars’ Film


Key Takeaways:

– Marvel’s ‘Armor Wars’ film is still in active development with Don Cheadle reprising his role as James Rhodes a.k.a War Machine.
– Shang-Chi’s post-credit scene could tie directly into the storyline of ‘Armor Wars’, suggesting Ten Rings’ involvement.
– The story of ‘Armor Wars’ will revolve around multiple organizations trying to steal Tony Stark’s technology.

Link Between Shang-Chi and Armor Wars

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Marvel’s recent box office success, will reportedly play a significant role in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film, Armor Wars. The post-credit scene of Shang-Chi, featuring Xu Xialing taking charge of the Ten Rings, potentially establishes a direct link to Armor Wars’ plot.

Armor Wars, based on a popular comic series of the same name, is being eagerly awaited by fans for its intriguing storyline. It revolves around James Rhodes, portrayed by Don Cheadle, as he battles various secret organizations trying to steal Tony Stark’s technology.

The Role of Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes

Don Cheadle, who replaced Terrence Howard as James Rhodes in MCU’s Iron Man 2, is set to continue his role in Armor Wars. Originally announced as a Disney Plus show in 2020, the project was later transformed into a film to ensure the most effective storytelling.

As a constant presence in the MCU, Cheadle’s character has garnered a significant fan base. After playing Tony Stark’s sidekick, Cheadle’s James Rhodes will finally get his moment in the spotlight as a solo hero in this upcoming film.

The Marvel Connection: Past, Present, and Future

A recent revelation suggests a direct link between Shang-Chi’s post-credit scene and Armor Wars. This scene shows Shang-Chi’s sister, Xu Xialing, becoming the leader of the Ten Rings and restarting the training, inclusively involving women this time. Shortly after, an update stated that this scene would directly lead to Armor Wars’ plot, hinting at the Ten Rings’ involvement in the race for Stark’s technology.

The film, although still under active development, is expected to showcase the aftermath of Tony Stark’s death, focusing on the potential misuse of his technological genius. While the film’s release date remains a mystery, MCU enthusiasts can’t wait to see James Rhodes’ efforts in preventing Stark’s technology from falling into the wrong hands.

Speculations: New Characters and Story Plot

While Don Cheadle is confirmed to appear in Armor Wars, there are speculations of Nick Fury and Riri Williams also making appearances. Justin Hammer, portrayed by Sam Rockwell in Iron Man 2, is also rumoured to return.

Armor Wars might explore the dynamic between Rhodes and Fury, as the duo tries to safeguard Stark tech. The film could also delve deeper into the implications of Shang-Chi’s sister Xu Xialing taking charge of the Ten Rings and planning to steal Stark’s tech.

Ten Rings’ Involvement in Armor Wars

In line with speculation, the Ten Rings could play a major role in the upcoming film. As shown in the Iron Man films where Stark escapes from their Afghan cell, they have had previous confrontations with Stark. This historical connection could mean that the Ten Rings might aim to steal Stark’s designs and technology in Armor Wars.

As Marvel’s storytelling continues to revolve around interconnected plots and characters, fans eagerly anticipate further tie-ins and developments in this massively successful cinematic universe. As MCU continues to explore new stories, viewers look forward to the next chapter of Shang-Chi and the unfolding of the Armor Wars.

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