'Better Call Saul' Will NOT be Another 'Breaking Bad'...Or Will It?

Did you enjoy 'Breaking Bad'? If yes, you are going to want to watch 'Better Call Sual'

'Better Call Saul' is a new spinoff. Bob Odenkirk, the actor who portrays Walter Whites' lawyer, shed a little light on the producers ideas for the new spinoff 'Better Call Saul'. According to Odenkirk, the producers continue to debate whether or not the new spinoff will elude to a prequel, sequel, or a mixture of both a prequel and sequel of 'Breaking Bad'. As the producers and writers prepare to create the show, they are aware that both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are both interested in making guest appearances on the new series, 'Better Call Sual'! The writers for the new series are scheduled to began writing in the next couple of weeks and are still determining which direction to take for the new show. Regardless of the direction that is chosen, the producers and writers want viewers to watch the show and know that this is a whole new show, and not just an continuation of 'Breaking Bad.'