SeaWorld Upgrading Facilities After 'Blackfish' Criticism

SeaWorld plans on upgrading facilities to make them better for the killer whales

SeaWorld is planning on building larger tanks for Whales following 'Blackfish' documentary criticism
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According to TheWrap, the effects of the controversial 'Blackfish' documentary has finally taken it's toll on the SeaWorld theme parks. SeaWorld announced on Friday that it will undergo a massive upgrade to improve the facilities that currently hold the animals.
The chain of aquatic parks' CEO Jim Atchison presented plans for a 50-foot-tall, 10 million gallon tank for its killer whales in San Diego, part of an initiative dubbed the Blue World Project. The new tank, which will open in 2018, will also include stimulating new environments for the massive and majestic creatures, which have evolved to live in the open ocean.
SeaWorld will also include a moving current, which will allow the whale to feel as though they are in the ocean. The "Blackfish" documentary pointed out that SeaWorld's whales often time battle depression during their captivity.
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These changes come after the company's earnings decreased by nearly 20% earlier this week. But, the theme park improvements are just the first step for SeaWorld. The company plans on pledging 10 million dollars for research on killer whales in the wild.
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