'Scream Queens' Ditches New Orleans For California Film Tax Credits

Louisiana loses another TV show as Scream Queens moves to California to film season 2.

Louisiana used to be one of the hottest filmmaking locations in the world. There were at least 10 TV shows and movies filming at one point in time. However, after Louisiana changed their film tax credits due to budget constraints, Louisiana's film industry is dying. With that being said, another TV show has decided to leave New Orleans, Louisiana to film in Hollywood thanks to California's film tax credits. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Fox TV series Scream Queens is moving to California to take advantage of the state's newly expanded film and TV credit program. The California Film COmmission announced on Wednesday their final round of TV projects selected for the first fiscal year of the state's newly expanded Film & Television Tax Credit Program 2.0. According to the California Film Commission, nine TV shows and movies have been approved and will collectively receive $37.6 million in tax credits and it will generate $313 million in direct in-state spending, including $121 million in wages to below-the-line crew members. Fox's Scream Queens was among nine projects selected to receive the film tax credits that were announced on Wednesday. This is not the first time this has happened. American Horror Story did the same when it received the California tax credit for season five after having filmed two seasons in New Orleans. Here's the list of other TV shows approved to film in Los Angles:

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